Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

Well, in the words of John Turner at 4 1/2 years old, "Santa comes even if you are bad sometimes!"
Yep, I guess he is right! Santa was very good to us all this year!

Some of John Turner's favorite gifts this Christmas were: Magna-Tiles, big boy bike, remote control fire engine that shoots water(specific request!), wheel barrow with outdoor tools for working in the yard, case for his Leap Pad, and bubbles!

Judson's favorites this Christmas were: a piggy bank, Mickey Mouse and his car, Caterpillar rocker, a little iPod like music player, and a train.

Judson didn't really care to go look in his stocking after he found some MandMs to eat. Once he found those that was it for him! He did get some socks, utensils, and books in his stocking too!
John Turner loved his new Thomas movie, Fresh Beat Band CD, cool flashlight, candy, and underwear.

It rained all day and night on Christmas, so we had a lot of time indoors playing with our new toys!

I  have tried for weeks to get a picture of the boys in their little elf outfits. These are some that I have gotten.

My fave! Look what Judson did when I told him to go sit by his brother and smile for a picture!

Finally, an almost decent one! I am telling you, pictures with these two is a big job!!

Merry Christmas 2012!

And I can't forget to mention that these boys surprised me these really cool Ugg boots that I have been eyeing for a while now! Carlton and I got iPhone 5s last week and that was supposed to be our Christmas gifts to each other! Well, of course, he went and got me something else! Love that man to death!!!

Christmas Eve

We spend Christmas Eve at Meme and Pop's house. We had a great time eating yummy food, opening tons of gifts and visiting with the Watt family!

When we finally got back home, it was 8:00. But both boys were still wide awake and ready to do more Christmas. We quickly put on our PJ's and let the boys open a special gift from us that we had wrapped for under the tree.

Judson got a very cool truck that is loud and moves across the floor. He loved it! He loves anything with wheels!

John Turner got a Switch & Go Dino that he has been asking for for a very long time! It is the one with the long red neck that he insisted he must have!

Then we had to stay up and actually put the dinosaur together!

Finally, we got our cookies and milk ready for Santa!

And we said goodbye to Elvin until next year!

I tell you that it took another hour or so to get this boy to go to bed! He has never been more excited in his life! He was staying up because he just knew he would hear Santa's sleigh bells! He eventually passed out and Santa got to work at our house!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures made recently to try to get a good picture for our Christmas card. Judson is the hardest to take pictures of right now! He will not be still for a second! We managed to get a few good ones!

Random Post

Just trying to upload some pictures from my phone that I want to have on my blog.
Carlton and I got a much needed day to ourselves the week before Christmas. My mom took care of the boys all day so that we could finish up last minute Christmas shopping. We even got sit down and enjoy a long lunch! It was such a nice day for us!
John Turner wanted to make treats for his little friends at preschool. I had seen these cute reindeer treats on Pinterest. I love the way they turned out! So very cute and a perfect treat for 3-4 year olds!

I also got to spend a fun night with friends during Christmas break. It is always nice to get a night out of the house and to just get to laugh and visit with your best friends!

The weekend before Christmas, we visited my Granny's house in Needham for the Turner Christmas. Here is a picture of Granny with her three grandchildren. She now also has 4 great grandchildren. I love this precious lady! There are not many like her!

While we were in Needham, Gran and the kids made a gingerbread house. I do believe that more candy went into their bellies than on the actual house!

We continued our annual tradition of riding around and looking at Christmas lights. John Turner asks to go every single night during the Christmas season. He is obsessed with houses that have a lot of blow ups. He begs for me to get some for him. FYI- I HATE blow ups!!!!

When it wasn't too cold, we have been able to enjoy some outside time together!

Just because I want to always remember this face! His brother had accidentally busted his lip and he was so unhappy about it!