Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gran!

We celebrated my mom's birthday last week at our house. John Turner insisted that we throw her a big party. He planned every detail of this party. He wanted it to be just perfect for her!

My sister and her family also came over for the big celebration! We got a very rare picture of Gran with ALL FOUR grandkids! NEVER happens!

He insisted that we have cupcakes because Gran would like that better than a cake (John Turner LOVES cupcakes!!) He also said she must have a "G" candle on her cupcake. Luckily, I was able to find one at the party store. He picked out some beautiful pink plates, napkins and matching table cloth that had cupcakes on them. He also picked out a beautiful crown for the birthday girl!

The kids got her this cute little apron with Gran monogrammed on it! It was a perfect party for a perfect Gran!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warm Winter Days

We have been fortunate enough to have had some beautiful weather days this winter in Mississippi. December and January have both given us several days to play outside! This kind of weather makes this Momma and her two boys very happy!

When the weather is nice, we spend pretty much the entire day outside! John Turner got this big boy bike from his GiGi for Christmas. He LIVES on this thing! He wants to ride it in the mornings before school! He is a pro at riding it too! He can make several laps around our neighborhood and that is a rather long ride for a three year old! He loves to ride around and toot his new horn from Santa! He also sets up cones and make obstacle courses for himself. It is too cute!

After he spends some time on the bike, he usually switches to his Gator. We have now switched it up to full speed and this thing will fly! It is great exercise for Momma to have to follow this thing around the neighborhood all while pushing a stroller or carrying a baby in the Bjorn carrier!

He often gets it stuck on things or in the grass!

Another fun outdoor activity he enjoys these days is playing with his remote control car. He has so much fun watching it go over stuff and flip.

Baby brother also enjoys our days outdoors. He usually spends his time in the Bjorn or either in the BOB stroller. He LOVES to watch his big brother play. He just squeals and kicks those little legs like he is dying to get out there and chase his brother and play with him. I know that time will be here before we know it!

I love days outside with these two sweet angels of mine!

Looking forward to spring and summer outside fun with them!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Well, we had a first last week that Momma wasn't ready for! John Turner learned how to shoot the pellet gun. He was so proud of himself! He did very well with it! He loaded it all by himself and even hit the target with a little help from Daddy. I know it is only the beginning of this big boy stuff!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Happy New Year to all! I can't believe that 2011 is over with already! This had to be the fastest a year has ever passed for me! Maybe it had something to do with being so busy with a 3 year old and an infant! 2011 was an incredible year for our family! Welcoming Judson was for sure the highlight of 2011!

We spent New Year's Eve out at our friends, the Hatcher's, house. We had a great big bunch of wild kids running around out there! It was a blast! We ate dinner, shot fireworks and were home and snuggled into bed by 9:00! I can't remember the last time we have actually made it up to midnight! My little "night owls' had a great time!


I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be another fantastic year for our family! Some things we have on our calendar for 2012 and are looking forward to are:

--Carlton and I are going to see Jimmy Buffet with our best friends in February! This is a concert we have always said we would attend one day! We are super excited!

--July we will celebrate sweet Judson's 1st birthday

--September we will celebrate our big boy's 4th birthday!! I honestly can't believe I am writing that!

--In November we are taking John Turner to Disney World for the first time! It will also be Carlton's first trip to Disney! I have not been since I was very young. We have already booked it and are counting down the days!

    I can't wait to see what surprises 2012 has in store for us! We look forward to a year of making memories and having fun with our two sweet babies! I sure hope time slows down a little this year though! My babies just need to grow a little bit slower for me!