Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Final Game for the Longhorns

Since we are on to Buddy Ball, soccer has officially ended! Can't say we are too sad about that! We are not so sure that soccer his John Turner's thing! And it is every Saturday morning for months and months! He did have fun with friends and he learned a lot about the game! He was very excited that he received a trophy for playing. Great season, Longhorns!

Buddy Ball

John Turner has started his first Buddy Ball season and he is loving it. Here is my little Met! I adore him in this uniform!

They got to choose three numbers that they might want to be on their jerseys. We asked him several times what number he wanted to be and he chose the number 3 every time! So, lucky for him it worked out and he got his number!

Being silly at the ball field!

I have to say that he has really impressed me. He is the youngest one on his team. The other kids are mostly 5 or 6. They do coach pitch and then after a while if you haven't hit then you can use a tee. John Turner has hardly used the tee at all. He has been getting hits from the coach pitching! We are proud of him!

I haven't gotten many pictures of him playing yet. I am usually trying to keep Judson off of the field or our of the dugout! He totally thinks he is as big as those boys out there! I am going to try  to get more pictures later. He does run really fast when he gets a hit too. And out on the field he prefers to play in the dirt rather than watch the other batters hit! LOL!!

John Turner The Artist

John Turner is becoming quite a little artist! I was so impressed with this picture he drew last week for his MeMe Carol!

Random Phone Picture Catch Up

The boys and I go to the lake a lot. Judson and I went one morning to walk while John Turner was at school and we ran across a mommy duck and all of her new little baby ducks! Judson was so excited! They were so cute!
When John Turner is with us at the lake, we are usually eating snocones or feeding the ducks.

Judson's enjoys drawing with sidewalk chalk or coloring anything he can get his chalk or crayons on. I have used up all of my magic erasers getting his beautiful artwork off of things around the house!  

He also loves being on a playground! He will just climb up and down and run around all day long!

He also enjoys swinging. And in this picture you can also see his favorite little stuffed animal, Llama! He goes everywhere he goes!

I have finally gotten brave enough to let John Turner drive Judson in the Gator around the neighborhood. He is very safe and does a great job. I am usually running as fast as I can to keep up! Good Exercise!!!

And this big boy here has learned to swing himself! He has been working on doing this for a while now. One day a couple of weeks ago he just jumped on there and did it! He was so proud of himself! He has told everyone about it!

We got quite a cute little visitor at our house last week. A baby chipmunk was outside on our back window looking into our house. He was the cutest little thing. My cat thought he was pretty cute as well!

John Turner found a bird's nest lying beside a tree outside. He loves nature and wants to find a bird to put in his nest!

Judson enjoying his very first ice cream cone! He was quite the mess when he finished!

A little date night on Friday night with my two boys is a tradition during hunting season. John Turner picks all of the activities for our date. Last week it was Cracker Barrel. This week it was visiting Pet Smart and eating on the patio at Mcallisters. 

The boys and I eat outside for every meal we possibly can! We all love eating outside! 

Spring Choir Concert

John Turner's preschool choir at church put on a spring concert one Sunday morning in April.  Here are my two cuties before leaving for church that morning. Very rare that I get a picture with both of them still and smiling at the same time! The choir was very cute and sang several songs they have been rehearsing on Wednesday nights. Most all of the Grandparents came and watched him sing and that just made his day!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fishing and Picnic

The weather was beautiful one Friday and Carlton just happened to be off of work that day. We decided to load the boys up and take them on a little fun day outdoors. We fished, had a picnic lunch and rode the hunting buggy all over the hunting land looking at nature. We had the most fun day together! And this big day wore two boys out! John Turner rarely every naps anymore!

Egg Hunt with Carlton's Famiy

The boys were ready to start this egg hunt! Judson was so funny! He held that big basket just like everyone else did! John Turner was a very serious egg hunter this year. He ran and searched like crazy for eggs!

John Turner loved going through each egg to see what he had gotten! A lot of money and candy was found!

Judson was just excited that he had found some fruit snacks! 

Bike Ride with Daddy

Easter Morning