Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

How could my Valentine's Day not be totally amazing? I have these three handsome men in my life!

These two have their momma's and daddy's hearts!

Judson's first Valentine's Day at 6 1/2 months old! This little cutie got some new strawberry yogurt and a new toy for his Valentine. He had a fun day with his family!

We had the table in the kitchen set up with Valentine's Day prizes for the boys when they woke up. They just got a few small prizes. When we picked John Turner up at school we surprised him with these balloons. He was extremely happy about them! This boy loves balloons!! He told us over and over how much he loved them and how sweet it was of us to buy them for him. He is so sweet sometimes!

My two little loves!

John Turner had a fabulous party at school on Valentine's Day. As soon as we got home, he had to go through all of his loot! He enjoyed reading all of the sweet Valentine's from all of his friends. Of course, the candy was the big hit! This boy can eat some chocolate!!

And these three boys treated me like a princess all day long! Carlton gave me the afternoon off of mom duty. I went to kickboxing class for the afternoon. When I got home the boys had a trail of Hershey Kisses leading to some wonderful cards and prizes for me. They were preparing me a dinner of fillet mignon, jumbo grilled shrimp and steamed veggies! I tell you that I am one spoiled women! These three men in my life sure know how to make me feel special! I do think it was the most special Valentine's Day I have ever had!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Weekend at the Carousel

We spend pretty much the whole last weekend at the carousel. John Turner's friend, Laney, had a party there on Saturday. Then his friend, Campbell, had a party there on Sunday. John Turner would live at the carousel I think! He LOVES this place! Thank goodness his daddy came with us because this momma just can't go around and around in circles for an hour anymore! This was brother's first time to go to the carousel. Can you tell how excited he was about it?

John Turner is really very fortunate. He already his a large group of special friends. They really are the cutest group of kids I believe I have ever seen! It is funny because most of these special friends of his are GIRLS!! Here he is with Campbell and Gracie--two very precious little girls!

And this is his beautiful friend, Juliette. She is just as sweet as she is pretty! I am sure he will appreciate having all of these beautiful girls as friends when he gets a little older!

Date Night with the Dinglers

The Dinglers are one of our most favorite families! They have 3 beautiful, sweet babies--2 boys and a girl. The two oldest, the boys, are two of John Turner's best friends. He enjoys going over to play with them so much! Abi, the baby girl, was born only a few months before Judson. So we of course think they should be boyfriend and girlfriend. We considered this night one of their very first dinner dates. They are finally old enough to sit up and actually recognize and grab each other! So precious!!

These two babies have some pretty awesome big brothers who just love to take care of them!

And this would be their first kiss!! HA HA!!! True love! We just know it!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

YooYoo Yogurt

I love to have speical dates with John Turner. Carlton takes him a lot to do "boy" stuff. He takes him hunting, to feed the animals, play in the hunting woods, ect... So, I like to plan special stuff for he and I to do alone. At 3 1/2 years old his favorite date to do on with Mommy is to the new yogurt store in town. We just have the best time picking out our flavor of yogurt and picking out different yummy toppings.


And we now have a little sitter-upper! Right after Judson hit 6 months he began to be able sit unassisted for longer periods of time. Now at around 6 1/2 months he can sit and play unassisted for several minutes! He really enjoys being able to sit up and play and big brother thinks it is pretty awesome too!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, Sweet Judson!!

My sweet little baby turned six months old on the 26th. I can hardly believe that he has been with us for six months already! Time has flown by! He has made the past six months such a happy time for our family. He is just he sweetest little angel baby in the world!!

Judson at 6 months:

--16 lbs 12 oz (25th percentile) 27 1/2 inches (75th percentile) head size 17 1/2 cm (75th percentile) (he is just slightly bigger than his brother at this age)

--He is a GREAT eater! Totally opposite of his brother! He has loved every single fruit and vegetable we have given him!

--Goes to bed around 7:00-7:30 and sleeps until around 7:30 each morning

--Takes two naps a day--One around 10:00 each morning and one around 2:30 in the afternoon. Each nap last around 1 1/2 to 2 hours each

--Wakes up happy each morning and after naps and will play until I go in to get him

--He is still a rolling machine! He is able to move anywhere he wants to by rolling everywhere!

--Sits up very well with very little support; can sit unassisted for short periods of time

--loves playing on his tummy

--Favorite toys are Sophie Giraffe, his set of keys, and a light up ball that rolls around

--Adores his brother!He loves to have John Turner climb in his baby bed and play with him when he wakes up each day

--Enjoys spending time in his exersaucer and his doorway jumper

--Loves to have his feet in his mouth!

--Still no teeth! JT already had 2 at this age

--Starting to make all kinds of sounds and sweet babbles at us!

--loves to be outside riding in the stroller or just watching brother ride his bike around

--reaching up for his momma when I go to pick him up

--Never fusses or complains about a single thing

We think he is absolutely perfect!