Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shopping Day with Gran

A shopping day with Gran...
will wear you out!!


John Turner is on Spring Break this week. I decided I wanted to do a special day for him while he was out of school and the weather was beautiful. I decided to take the boys on an impromptu trip to the zoo. Lucky for us, the hospital had hardly any cases going on and Daddy got to take off work and go with us too! We were so excited! We had a wonderful day! Here are few pics from our zoo day!

Update on Judson: 19 months

My sweet little one is almost 20 months old! I just can't believe I am writing that! Here are a few things I want to update on Judson at this age!
One of our favorite things to do together is go to Chick fil a for breakfast while John Turner is at school. We have a great time being by ourselves. He loves the playground too!
He has decided he likes to color now. And I mean color everything: the walls, the floor, the table!  HAHA!! He also likes to prop his foot up like this to color!

He is such a happy little traveler! He never makes a peep in the car! Just so sweet all of the time! I will take him anywhere with me!

Here he is getting ready for his date with his friend Charlee Kate! So cute!

This boy loves a sandbox! He will stay right here like this for hours!

We also love to spend beautiful mornings together at the park! He is getting so good at climbing and doing everything the big boys can do!

He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse! He wants to watch it all of the time! And he wants to wear these crazy Mickey Mouse pajamas all of the time too!

He enjoys drawing with the sidewalk chalk. Actually, I think he just likes to see how messy he can make himself with it! And yes, he loves to stick out his tongue for pictures!

He wants to wear sunglasses all of the time! I caught him reading with them on the other day! Silly Boy!
Another favorite thing of his right now is to load up this shopping cart full of cars and babies and blankets and just push it all around! Spends a whole morning doing this sometimes!

We just adore everything about this little tater tot! He truly is a joy to have in our family!

John Turner Update- 4 1/2

It is very hard to believe that our oldest boy is actually 4 1/2 years old! I think 5 is going to be very hard for this Momma! FIVE is such a big age! Here are a few little update on our big boy!
First of all, he still loves his momma and loves to snuggle with me! Thank Goodness!! I tell him all the time, "Can you please not grow anymore?" He will say,"Momma, I have to grow bigger! But I will always love you!" He is such a sweetheart!
He is getting so much better with his writing. His teacher sent me this sweet picture of him the other day at school. He was so proud of how well he had done at the name writing center! I am so proud of him too! Poor thing has to take longer than anyone in his class to write his name since his parents gave him two first names!!

He has been working on all of his letters at home with me and he is improving every day!

He is very interested in planets at this age. His Aunt Linda and Uncle Russell bought him this solar system that he could hang in his room. He LOVES this thing. He can name all of the planets. This summer we are planning on checking out books about each planet and learning more about them.

He LOVES some sweets! The first day of spring break week I asked him what he wanted to do that was special. His response was, "Go to the donut store in our pajamas and then come home and eat as many donuts as I can!" Well, we did! He ate 4 donuts that day!

Still loves to be outside! We are so loving this nice weather! We stay outside the WHOLE day!

He enjoys painting and coloring. He has just gotten into this lately. He hasn't really cared much for it up to this point. Over the past few months he has really asked to color and paint a lot! His coloring is getting very precise and neat!

He is starting to want to go do big boy stuff with Daddy even more lately. A few weekends ago, he went on a hog hunt with Daddy! These are the pictures they sent me! He also got to spend the night at the camp. He had a blast!

And look at this! This boy is finally big enough for a booster seat! I never thought I would see the day we were at 40 pounds!

I love everything about this boy! Even his smart little mouth and attitude that has come along with getting older! 

Creepy Crawly!

I always say that my boys are complete oppoisites of each other. Well, it couldn't be more true when it comes to lizards, bugs, worms and other things that crawl! John Turner has always been completely terrified of any kind of crawling insect, worm or lizard. Well, Judson is not afraid of them at all!
The other day I was outside watching him play. I was standing by the garage and saw him coming up to me to show me something. As he got closer, I realized he was holding a LIZARD! He was so proud of himself too! I am scared of what things he will be bringing Momma in the future!!


We took John Turner to eat at a hibachi grill when he was younger. He was absolutely terrified of the whole experience! The fire was too much for him! Needless to say, we have only gone back to eat there when we have been on dates without the boys!
Well, he has been asking lately to go back so he could eat with chopsticks. A few weekends ago, we decided to try it out with both boys. Judson is the complete opposite of John Turner--Nothing much scares him! They both loved it! John Turner didn't eat much of the food, but he LOVED all of the entertainment and fire this time! He also loved playing with the chopsticks.  Judson loved the entertainment and ate an entire fillet of salmon! The boy loves meat--Another opposite of his brother!