Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Judson's First Birthday-Smash Cake and Gifts

The food was very simple for the party. We had pizza, chips, fruit and of course cake and ice cream.
Judson ate an entire piece of cheese pizza! He also loved the watermelon on the stick! It was actually a hit with everyone at the party!

Judson wasn't the least bit interested in opening his gifts! He just wanted to climb up and down the steps! HA HA! 

Mommy, Daddy and big brother got him his very own bike! It is a Smart Trike and we can't wait to get it put together and take him for a stroll around the neighborhood!

Then it was time for the smash cake and the singing of "Happy Birthday".  He thought it was fun to hear everyone singing! 

He wasn't so sure about what to do with this cake. After a little help from a few of the kids there, he started to dig in!

 He was beginning to have some fun with it here!

The end result!

After his smash cake, we took him straight to in for a bath! After getting fresh and clean, he enjoyed reading his cards and looking at all of his new gifts.

Big brother liked all of the new toys as well!

Judson's First Birthday-The Guests

Judson is very lucky to have a whole lot of people that love him dearly! This post is just a bunch of pictures of some of the people that made his day extra special!

Judson's First Birthday- Party Details

Both of my boys have loved the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". It is also one of my very own favorites. When I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for Judson's first birthday party, a book theme kept coming to my mind. After going through several book ideas in my mind, I kept going back to this one! I am so glad I chose it! It turned out to be such a cute theme for one year old party! The colors and food were just so much fun to work with!

In this post I am just going to show the details of the party so that I can always remember them.

I simply used the colors and patterns from the book to decorate for the party. My cake lady did an amazing job matching the cake to all of my ideas.

I just love the little added sunshine on the cake! 

This was Judson's very own smash cake. It was adorable as well!

My sweet friend, Amy, made this bib along with Judson and John Turner's outfits for the party. She was able to get the actual fabric that matches the polka dots in the book! It turned out to be so precious!

 The party hat the Judson only wore for a total of 2 seconds! But, at least he didn't cry about it like his big brother did at his first birthday!

The lady that made his cake also made this caterpillar cookies. I used these to give out as treats to all of the children at the end of the party. I used Crunch Berry cereal underneath the cookies to match the colorful dots on the table cloth. 

My sweet friend, Megan, let me borrow these red letters and numbers for the party. I love the way they looked up on the mantel with the caterpillar balloons and the stuffed caterpillar.

Megan also let me use this cute caterpillar made out of lanterns. 

This wreath, also borrowed from Megan, hung on the door. 

I used all of the foods that the caterpillar ate throughout the book to decorate one of the tables. It turned out very cute!

The main food table and the monthy photos of baby boy!

Here's a close up of the food signs. I just loved they way they looked! 

And a close up of the banner I made of all of Judson's monthly photos.

Above the gift table I hung a banner that said happy birthday made out of different Eric Carle designs. I didn't get a picture with all of the gifts on the table. I should have because you know he got way more than he needed! 

 I absolutely love planning parties! I tend to go a little overboard. But this one was just such a cute, fun and easy theme! It is my favorite party that I have ever planned!
Now I have about a month to get ready for John Turner's 4th birthday!

I will do another post with people pictures so that I can remember all of the special people that came to his party!