Sunday, August 31, 2008

College Football Has Finally Arrived!

37 weeks pregnant!

John Turner's jersey!

My niece, Carly, rooting for the Tide!

Yesterday college football finally arrived! Carlton and I have been counting down the days for a while now! Since I am only 3 weeks away from my due date and have already begun dilating we decided that we probably shouldn't make the trip to Atlanta to watch the Tide. We enjoyed it at home with a lot of friends, family, and food! It was a fun day! The best part was watching Bama beat Clemson!! John Turner enjoyed his first Bama game. He was moving and grooving all night!! We can already tell he will be a true Bama fan! We have his Bama jersey waiting for him to wear! We figure by the Georgia game he will be wearing it! ROLL TIDE!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Update

Today we had our weekly check-up with the doctor. We were quite surprised to hear him say that progress has been made! I am 2-3 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced! Carlton and I both knew that I could have already begun to make progress at this point, but when we heard the doctor say it we were a little shocked! The doctor says this doesn't mean that the baby will be here this week, but we are on the right track to have him very soon! We are so happy! You know as soon as I got home I began my "nesting". I am washing clothes, sterilizing bottles, and organizing his room. I am also obsessing over what to pack in our hospital bags. I know, I am crazy right now! I will post again after I go to the doctor next week!

These are a few pics from my shower this weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008

This is one of the best pictures we have of our little man! We think he is so handsome!

Getting Things Ready!

Getting Ready For The Big Day!

I don't know if anyone can really be totally ready for the arrival of a new baby. We have the nursery decorated and ready, he has TONS of clothes hanging in his closet to wear, we have a supply of diaper, wipes, etc.. ready to use, we have installed the car seat in our car, we even bought a new "family mobile" so we can all ride comfortably. I know these things don't even begin to prepare us for the changes that will happen in our lives once John Turner arrives. I know there will be challenging days and nights, frustration, and exhaustion during those first few weeks. We are ready to take on those challenging times, frustration, and exhaustion because we are ready to become parents to this precious little boy. I guess all you really need to be prepared for a new baby is love and of course a little patience!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

Today we had our doctor's appointment. We have been going every two weeks for the past month. Today he informed that we would be coming every week from now on since we are only 4 weeks away from his due date. Everything looked great! We had an ultrasound and he now weighs a little over 5 pounds. He looked like he barely had room to move in there! They told me my iron count was low so now I have to take iron pills along with my prenatal vitamin. Time is really passing quickly and our little man will be here before we know it. We can't wait to meet him!

I Finally Have A Blog!

Well, thanks to my creative friend, Christi, I finally have a blog. I really wanted to get one started before the arrival of John Turner. Since that is only about four weeks away I was thinking that wasn't going to happen. But my sweet friend, Christi, designed this cute blog for me! Now I can keep everyone posted on John Turner!