Saturday, June 30, 2012

Judson is 11 Months Old!

This sweet little thing turned 11 months old on the 26th of June! I can't believe that in less than one month my baby boy will be turning one!! I truly can not tell you how fast this year has flown by for me! I am excited to plan and have a fun celebration for him, but I am terribly sad that my baby is growing up this fast!

This months photo session was quite the challenge for Mommy! I am glad we have only one more sticker photo session left! As you can see, he wanted to play with the sticker this time. I was barely fast enough to snap a picture before he ripped it off his shirt yet again!

He also did not want to sit and have a picture made in his normal monthly spot! He wanted to stand up in his bed!

We tried a different location to see if we could get a few good shots of him! Well, as you can see, he was climbing and trying to jump out of the chair! He LOVED it though! He had the best time being silly in this chair!

We brought this little house down from the attic last week. John Turner got this for his first birthday and always loved playing with it (actually, he still loves it and has played with it as much as Judson has since we have brought it back down!).

Judson is pretty fearless! Carlton tosses him all up in the air and he just laughs and laughs! When John Turner was this age Carlton tried this with him and it terrified him! He cried and cried! Judson is for sure going to be our dare devil!

My sister gave him this Melissa and Doug toy that he can push around and walk behind it. He adores it these days! 

Loves taking a daily swim in his pool!

Sometimes when Daddy and big brother go away for the night to do big boy things, Judson and I get a little date night! We love our time together!

This boy loves his bath time! He gets so mad when we make him get out! He would stay in there all night! He is pulling up in the tub now which always scares me becuae it is so slippery!

Little man is pulling up on everything and cruising around stuff!

He enjoys playing it this table while Mommy tries to cook dinner!

Judson absolutely loves to do whatever John Turner is doing! I swear that most mornings after breakfast they just leave me and go to the playroom and play until I come and get them. He thinks the playroom is the best thing in the world! His favorite thing to do these days is to pull up at the train table and completely destroy it!! I mean he cruises around and takes the whole entire thing apart!! HAHA! John Turner gets so frustrated with him!

Judson at 11 Months

--around 20.5 lbs
--wears size 3 diapers in day size 4 at night
--wears size 9-12 or 12 months clothing-starting to wear some 12-18 months too
--sleeping from around 8:00 until around 7:00 or 7:30
--takes two naps a day-- one around 9:30 and one around 2:00
--eats whatever we eat these days-- doesn't want any baby food anymore! He loves pretty much anything you give him! Favorites or carrots, cheese, bananas, grapes,squash, blueberries, apples, muffins, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, olives, spaghetti o's
--down to only one bottle a day and that is at night before bed
--loves to drink from a straw cup-- the opposite of what big brother used to want
--saying momma, dada, uh-oh, night-night
--points at stuff all of the time and tries to tell us things-- we have no idea what he is trying to tell us
--pulling up and cruising everywhere but has not taken any steps alone yet
--has 6 teeth(4 on top and 2 on bottom)
--has a head full of blonde hair that is so blonde it looks white-- it curls up on the ends when he is outside and gets hot-PRECIOUS!!
--loves to give big open mouth kisses
--has started to have a little seperation anxiety at the church nursery--has cried a little the last couple of times we have left him-- nothing like big brother did at this age!
--still has a sweet laid back personality

We love our little tater tot to death! John Turner and I have a lot to do to get ready for Judson's big first birthday bash!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day

We were at the beach on Father's Day so I didn't get to see my Daddy. This past week we finally got to celebrate my sweet Daddy! My sister and I, and both our families, spent the afternoon with him and took him out for dinner. Nothing makes this man happier than spending time with his girls and his grand babies! We are lucky to have this man as our daddy. He made us the spoiled rotten princesses we are today:-) Now he is spoiling our babies! We love him!

And of course I have to mention the other greatest father I know, my hubby! He is so amazing with these two boys. I know they are going to grow up to be great men because of his influence on their lives! They both adore their daddy!

Backyard Paradise!

John Turner has been to several of his friends' houses on play dates recently. Many of these friends have had amazing swing sets in their backyards. He began to ask us if he could have one for his backyard. We had planned on getting him one as a surprise for his 4th birthday in September. Well, we just couldn't wait that long! We decided to go ahead and get it now so that the boys could enjoy it all summer long!

Any of you reading this that have one of these in your backyard know that it is not an easy task to put one together. Luckily, our sweet friend, Andy, came over and helped Carlton two afternoons last week. They worked from about 4:00 until almost 10:00 both days! They are some hardworking men!

When John Turner went to bed on day 2 of construction, we told him that when he woke up the next morning it would be ready and he could play on it first thing. He did just that! He ran our in his PJ's and played all morning. I couldn't even get him to stop to eat breakfast!

We decided to add this swing for Judson to our set. We are so glad we did. He really enjoys being out there with John Turner!

I think many of our summer mornings and afternoons will be spend right here!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach Trip- June 2012

We went on a little beach vacation this past week. Carlton was off on Friday, so we decided to head down for a few days of sun and sand!

The boys did great on the long ride! They are super excited to finally be out of the car and at the condo!

We stayed at a friends condo and were within walking distance of several of our favorite eating spots! This is a picture of the boys enjoying lunch by the water at Sea -n- Suds.

Carlton and I laugh, because when it was just us, we would plan out our whole beach trip around which restaurants we were eating each night! We still have our favorites, but they are no longer the ones we usually end up eating. We have to go to places that have playgrounds, sand mountains or other fun activities! Luckily, those places usually have pretty good food as well!

John Turner insists that we eat at the Crab Trap on every beach trip we take! They have an awesome playground on the beach and this just makes the eating experience with him much more enjoyable!

I have a picture of John Turner with this same bucket on his head when he was this age! We take one every year!

Of course, after dinner each night there was a little night time swimming!

I didn't know how Judson would react to the sand and the beach in general. John Turner did not really like it at all at this age. Judson didn't mind it at all! He really doesn't mind anything! He just goes with the flow and enjoys whatever we do and is happy where ever we take him! ANGEL BABY!

John Turner stayed on the beach more this year. He was really into building sand castles villages with Daddy. He still wasn't crazy about the ocean water. He would venture in a little, but the waves still terrified him!

I brought Judson's little baby pool with us. We set up an umbrella and filled that pool up with some water and that boy was happy as could be!

Both boys still love a pool! Judson enjoyed using the float John Turner used to love at this age. John Turner is getting to be quite the swimmer! He is getting braver and braver. I am thinking that by next year he will be swimming without his puddle jumper!

Luckily, this Momma got about two hours each afternoon of alone beach time in my chair while all three boys napped! HEAVEN!!!

Still love taking beach trips with this man! It is nothing like it used to be, but we wouldn't change it for the world! When we first married our only concern at the beach was waking up in time to put our towels out by the pool when it opened so that we would have the best pool chairs! HA HA! Now we are completely exhausted after a vacation!

John Turner's other pick for dinner is always The Hangout. He loves the sand mountain, the tunnel through the sand, the music, the foam and the bubbles! He has the BEST time here! Good thing, too! Because we had a long wait for a table!

Sweet little Judson just hung out on Daddy's shoulders and enjoyed all of the craziness!

My sweet and perfect family!

We just had the most enjoyable time on our trip! We look forward to going back again very soon!