Monday, April 20, 2009

John Turner-7 Months Old

It is hard to believe that John Turner is now 7 months old! It seems like he is doing something new everyday now! My favorite thing that he is doing right now is saying momma. He started it last week. He says it mostly when he is upset! It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard! Carlton got jealous that he said momma first. Not to worry though-This weekend while riding in the car he called out dada! Carlton was so excited!

The Easter Bunny brought me new jogging stroller! We LOVE it! These are some picture of John Turner in the new stroller sporting his cool shades the Easter Bunny left for him.

John Turner loves to swing! We spend many afternoons swinging away!

John Turner now holds his bottle by himself and drinks from it alone well! We are now working on the sippy cup! He is not fond of those sippy cups right now! We will keep trying!

John Turner loves to be standing up!

We find John Turner in random places all over the house now! He is not crawling yet but has learned to roll or scoot wherever he wants to go!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Carlton has had a very successful turkey season! John Turner and I are proud for him, but we are also proud that it is coming to a close very soon! These are some pictures of John Turner with his daddy and his latest bird! Aren't they two handsome boys?!?!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a very fun and BUSY Easter! We started Saturday morning off by attending the annual Linmoor Estates egg hunt for the children who live in our neighborhood. We then went to my grandparents' house for some good food and an egg hunt. We attended Easter services at our church on Sunday morning. After church we headed out to Carlton's Gradparents' house for more good food and another egg hunt. John Turner was worn out by the end of the weekend!(So were his parents!!)

Sitting with his prizes the Easter Bunny left him at Gran and Granpa's house

A family portrait on Easter morning

This is what the Easter Bunny left for John Turner!

With our neighbor, Ms. Johnny Nell, at the neighborhood egg hunt

Hanging out with Gran and Grandpa

John Turner liked the grass more than the eggs!

Getting some love from Car-Car

John Turner, Carly, and Landon

Daddy helped him find a lot of eggs!

Unlce Justin decided to take him on his first 4-wheeler ride!

What is all of this?

I like that Easter Bunny!

Our handsome boy!

Giving Daddy a BIG, WET kiss!