Saturday, February 23, 2013

Registering for Pre-K

We had a big day around our house this week! We took John Turner to tour and register for big boy school! BOO HOO!! I am just so sad about this! I seriously thought I had so much time before he would be in Pre-K and it is already here! I know he is ready and he will love it so much! But I am just not ready to see him leave me for big school yet! No more more pajama days, snuggling on the couch and watching cartoons in the morning, going on random trips to the park or wherever we want to go! In August we will be in serious school mode!
We have decided to send him to Lamar, which is a private school here in Meridian. It is actually pretty much across the street from our subdivision so I love that! He loved touring this school and decided he wanted to live in the library there because of the cool reading loft! He also decided that the room with the puppet theater is the classroom he should be in! I know this is going to be a big step for both us!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Just wanted an updated picture of these four! John Turner and Harper have been BFFs since birth! Now Judson and Charlee Kate are becoming BFFs as well! They are quite a wild bunch when they are all together! I guess they take after their Daddies!

Park Day

The weather was finally beautiful one day last week and I was finally feeling back to normal! So we loaded up and spend the entire afternoon at the park!

Valentine's Day

Here are my two little Valentines! They both got some sweet treats from Cupid! They got the movie Peter Pan and we have watched it about a million times since that day! John Turner is quite obsessed with Peter Pan right now! They also got some chocolate and a new stuffed animal. John Turner got a new puzzle and Judson got some new PJ's.

This is the Valentine card that John Turner made for us. I just love everything about it! It has all 4 of us in the picture and he wrote his name so well! He also brought me some beautiful red tulips!
Carlton and I got to go on a Valentine's date with our friends Kelly and John! We had a great night! We had dinner at Weidman's and then saw the movie Safe Haven.

Mardi Gras

John Turner's school had a little Mardi Gras celebration on Fat Tuesday. The decorated their own masks to wear, wore beads and had fun treats to eat. He has made such good friends at school. I am sad that he won't be going to K-4 next year with all of these precious kids!


My gall bladder has been giving me trouble for quite a while! After having Judson, it has continually gotten worse. I finally had to go get an ultrasound done a couple of weeks ago. The ultrasound confirmed what I already knew and had been putting off; it needed to be removed. With two boys under the age of 5, it is quite difficult to fit a surgery in your plan! Luckily, my sweet mommy came and took the boys with her for a few days. Then she came back and stayed with the boys for an entire week and took care of me and them. I love that woman to pieces! I was rough for a couple of days right after surgery, but recovered pretty quickly!
This is what I had waiting on me when I got home from the hospital! I mean, how could I not feel better with a get well card like this! John Turner's artwork always makes me smile!

Ocean Springs

Our very best friends, the Dinglers moved away last year! We are still so sad! They moved to a fun little town on the Mississippi Coast! We decided to go down for the weekend to visit. The adults and the kids had a great time! On Friday night Carlton and Steven took the big boys to a monster truck show. On Saturday we just enjoyed the nice weather and stayed outside all day! We even got to get away Saturday night without our kids and go to a nice dinner! The big boys all played so well together. And little Abi and Judson just ran around and did their own little cute things! This fun weekend made us miss them even more!



John Turner is still my little builder! He will build with his Legos or Trio blocks for hours! He got this Trio block castle set for his birthday and on special nights he and his daddy put it together. I wanted a picture to remember this! The hard part is keeping the little munchkin from knocking it down! Love my boys!

Judson is 18 Months!

My little baby boy is no longer a baby! He is officially one and a half! BOO HOO! That sweet thing is just growing up too fast on me! Here are some pictures I have snapped with my phone! It is just easier at this age to snap with my phone since he is busy all of the time!!

Things I want to remember about Judson at 18 months:

  • 23 lbs 2 oz and 32.75 in long - he is bigger than his brother at this age but still skinny for his age and measuring above average in length
  • wears size 4 diapers and 18 month or 18-24 month clothing; size 5 shoes
  • he is a pretty good eater most days- he actually likes meat which his brother wouldn't touch at this age; favorite foods are fish, chicken, cheese, yogurt, blueberries, hot dogs, pancakes, pop tarts, fruit snacks
  • LOVES milk! He also likes to drink the yogurt drinks and water; loves juice but mean momma rarely lets him have it!
  • obsessed completely with Mickey Mouse and Barney!
  • still a great sleeper; goes to bed around 8:00 and wakes around 7:30
  • naps at around 1:00 each day; usually lasts about 2 hours
  • he loves all of his babies to sleep with him in his bed; he has MANY! His Mickey Mouse and Llama are his favorites babies and usually go everywhere with him!
  • he will bring us a diaper when he is dirty and needs to be changed
  • he can recognize and name many of his colors
  • tries to pretend he is counting everything like big brother does
  • loves books! favorites are any books with peek-a-boo flaps, Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear series, The Very Hungry Caterpillar; he opens and just pretends he is reading away-it is one of my favorite things to listen to
  • he loves to give hugs and kisses- he just walks up to us all day long and will kiss and hug us; he is so loving right now!!
  • he is fearless! Tries to do everything big brother can do!! ends up with many bumps and bruises!
  • adores big brother but can also get angry with him if he touches his toys are takes something away from him
  • loves to be outside and throws a fit when he has to come inside!
  • loves his bath
  • talking up a storm! starting to put words together and forming phrases
  • favorite toys; books, balls, stackers, popper, cars and trucks, phones, music players, drawing with crayons, riding toys, pretend food and kitchen
  • knows almost every animals name and the sound it makes
  • loves for daddy to take him on rides on the hunting buggy
  • can take him anywhere and he is always so good! I took him to my Dr appt this week and he was just the best thing! I love that about him!
  • a climber!!!
  • loves to play at the park or on the playground at the mall


A few weeks ago, John Turner and I had a busy morning. He had a dentist appointment and a hair appointment both before lunch! For a four year old boy, this is a morning of torture! He did great at both appointments and once again had no cavities! So, he got to choose our lunch destination. Of course, we ended up at the Mexican place for cheesy rice, his favorite concoction! Love spending a day with this big boy!