Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach Trip-June 09

Last Sunday we packed up our whole house and headed to the beach for seven days. We had such a great time! This is a little picture summary of our trip. (Sorry for such a long post!)

The Pool:
John Turner LOVED the pool! This was where he wanted to be most of the time! He had so much fun splashing, kicking, and playing with his pool toys. As you can see in the pictures below he loved standing on the side of the pool and squealing at the top of his lungs. He also loved to go under the waterfall.

The Beach:
As you can see in the first picture below John Turner was not a big fan on the cold ocean water! He did think the sand was quite tasty though! He liked watching the waves and touching(eating) the sand. He also loved the beach breeze blowing in his hair!

The Sprinklers:
Our condo had a sprinkler system for the little ones. He thought it was great! He loved the water just squirting on him!

We ate A LOT of GREAT food while at the beach! Some of our favorite eating spots were LuLu's, Bubba's, Cobalt, Louisiana Lagniappe, and The Crab Trap. John Turner loved watching the boats and birds in the marina located beside Lagniappe. He also loved wearing his sand bucket on his head at The Crab Trap! At Bubba's he met his first shrimp face to face! We also had a special meal at Cobalt with my best friend from high school, Holly, and her husband, Josh.

We started our beach trip with just the three of us staying in our little one bedroom condo. For the last part of our trip Gran, Grandpa, Aunt HaHa, Uncle Chris, and Cousin Car-Car came and we moved into a big three bedroom condo. John Turner enjoyed exploring both condos. He was very excited when everyone else arrived because he knew that meant more attention for him! We took his pack-n-play down for him to sleep in while we were there. We were worried that he wouldn't sleep in it. He actually slept great! He stayed up late and slept in late every day! He also took the better naps there than he does at home! I guess the sun and sand wore him out!

Beach Photo Session

We are back from the beach! We enjoyed our trip and have tons of pictures to share. I will be posting more about our trip later. Here are a few that I wanted to go ahead and share.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


In just a few minutes we will be officially beach bound! We are FINALLY all packed and ready to go! Packing a 9 month old for a 7 day beach trip is not easy! We can't wait to see what John Turner thinks about his first trip to the beach! We will post pics as soon as we get home!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Watt Family Reunion

A family picture before we left

The three youngest Watt family members

Let's eat!

Hanging out with Cousin Breanna

Spending time with Pop

Carlton with his nephew, Logan, and John Turner

John Turner's favorite part of the day was getting to hang out with his sweet cousin, Rainer! They are only 10 days apart!