Monday, March 29, 2010

Church Egg Hunt

We took John Turner to his first egg hunt of the season this past Saturday. It was a hunt for all of the preschool children in our church. We knew that egg hunting with him this year would be quite different from last year! He was very eager to begin the egg hunt! I looked over at him right after we had arrived and he had found an egg, opened it, and was eating the jelly beans out of it! This was before the hunt even started!

He had so much fun at this egg hunt because his best friends from Sunday School were there! He got to play with Harper, Audrey, and Emmie. We are so thankful that he is growing up in a great church with such great friends! And isn't he lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful girls!!

Once the egg hunt actually started, the "big" kids went wild! They picked up almost every egg within 2 minutes!! John Turner and his friends were able to find some eggs for their baskets though!

From the picture below, you can see that it was a successful hunt for John Turner! He found four eggs!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

18 Months

I can hadly believe that our little man is acutally 18 months old! He is full of happiness and FULL OF ENERGY!! I don't think he gets still for more than a minute except when he is asleep! We think he is the cutest thing ever and we love him more than we ever thought possible. This post is just full of things we want to remember about him at 18 months.

(this is him telling me it was time to leave for his 18 month check-up this week)

  • He is now 21 pounds 5 ounces and is 32 inches long. He is still so skinny! Probably from running around all day long! He is looking pretty tall and skinny at this age.
  • He is still a picky eater! He still doesn't eat very much meat. We have found if we let him dip his food in something he will eat a lot more. He like to dip things in yogurt, ketchup, dressing ect... He will say "dip, dip" and hold his food up and make a dipping motion.
  • He still has quite a sweet tooth! Asks for "cookies" at every meal--even breakfast!
  • Although he doesn't like to eat much he does like to feed Elmo all of the time!

  • This boy still loves his sleep. He still sleeps 12 hours each night. 8 to 8
  • He takes one nap a day about 1:30. It usually last about 2 hours.
  • He wakes up happy every single morning! I hear him on the monitor just a singing and talking. He will play in his bed until someone comes and gets him out. He never once cries or fusses.
  • He usually wakes up from his nap saying "nack, wa-wa" --meaning he wants his snack and his water right now!

  • He has slept with this glow seahorse every night since he was born. He is extremely attached to it! This is the third one we have bought!! He has one in his bed and we have one in the cabinet for back-up! He calls him "glow-glow" and he must have him in his bed at all times. He does not like for "glow-glow" to be outside of his bed. As you see in the picture below this is what happens if I put him out of his bed!

  • He loves to build with his blocks. He likes Daddy to help him build it up really tall. Then he likes to take his hand and destroy the whole thing and make the blocks go everywhere.
  • He tells me when he has pooped in his diaper now. He grabs his diaper, says "doo, doo", and waves his hand over his nose to say he is stinky. It is hilarious!!
  • He will also point to the toilet and say "tee-tee, potty".
  • He still loves watching Sesame Street and Elmo. He also enjoys watching Dinosaur Train, Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, and Dora.

  • He is still a big reader(which I LOVE!!!!) He brings me books and says "book, read". His favorite books right now are his "nunny" books (Easter Bunny books) and "moon" (Good Night Moon).
  • When we pull up at Books-A-Million he starts pointing and saying "books, books".
  • He loves to play tickle games. He runs up to us and put his fingers on us and says "tickle, tickle".
  • He knows several of his colors, but he still continues to call most everything blue if you ask him what color it is!

  • He is becoming an expert climber! He climbs on everything!!
  • Playing outside is still his favorite thing to do! We enjoy playing ball, chase, riding in the wagon or car, smelling flowers, collecting rocks, digging in the dirt, and playing with Oliver Cat.
  • He is a talker!! He amazes me with his language! He pretty much says whatever he hears us say. He is starting to put a lot of words together to make phrases now. ("book, read"- "sky, blue"- "light, room"- "door, open" are some of his favorites right now.
  • He is still very loving to us and to others. He loves to give out hugs and kisses and we love recieving them!

We love this little monkey to pieces! We feel so blessed that he is our child!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black Eye, Bloody Nose, and Scrapes...OH MY!

Well, it finally happened...

John Turner received his first black eye and bloody nose this afternoon! His poor face is scraped up pretty badly also! He was running around our neighborhood this afternoon having such a great time. A couple of our neighbors' dogs were running around with him. The dogs got a little too excited and ran right over him and knocked him down on the pavement!

The brave little boy barely even cried! Momma was way worse off than he was! Thank goodness Daddy was here with us this afternoon to help out! After we cleaned him up and he had some goldfish and a brownie everything was all better!

Wordless Wednesdays

Sunday, March 14, 2010



(author unknown)

I love to muddle in puddles
Cause I splish and I splash

And when I take off my shoes
I mish and I mash

I hop from one puddle to another and back
My feet in the water go smickety smack

I turn and I spin
I kneel and I sit

I slap my hands down they go clickety click

There's just something about them
I cannot resist
When I see a puddle
I am blissfully bliss

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kite Days

When Gran came to visit last week she brought John Turner a "Yo Gabba Gabba" kite! We had quite a windy day here yesterday so we decided to fly it! John Turner had a blast running around and watching it fly! He would say the words high, sky, and blue while we were flying it.

I am including a poem I found about kites. I love finding and reading new poems so you might just see more poems in future posts!

Kite Days

by Mark Sawyer

A kite, a sky, and a good firm breeze,

And acres of ground away from trees,

And one hundred yards of clean, strong string--

O boy! O boy! I call that spring!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Green Tractor

I just love taking pictures of John Turner and Carlton together! Seeing them do things together just makes my heart smile! Carlton becomes like a kid again when he is introducing "boy" stuff -like riding tractors- to John Turner . I know John Turner will be driving that tractor all by himself in a few years!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

John Turner Sings!

Enjoy this sweet version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" sung by John Turner and me. Just don't listen to the parts where I sing! I don't like to hear myself sing... but this was too cute not to share with everyone else!