Monday, May 28, 2012

Zoo Trip

John Turner has been asking to visit the zoo for a while now. Carlton had a day off last week, so we decided to load up and head to Birmingham to the zoo! It was a perfect day! The weather was warm but not too warm. The crowd wasn't bad because most kids were still in school. These two boys were beyond excited once we arrived!

I decided to bring our double jogging stroller to the zoo thinking that John Turner would probably end up getting tired from walking all over the zoo and would want to ride a bit and rest. Well, I was wrong! That boy ran all over that zoo and never once sat in that stroller. I was still glad I brought it though because it made a great place for storage!

We started with Mommas least favorite, but one of the boys' favorites, the reptiles!
Judson just rode in his stroller and was so good! He never fussed or complained! This baby is the best baby ever!!!

We went to see the monkeys, which are one of my favorites! We got to see the most awesome thing! A mother had just had a new baby and she was holding it and loving on it. We didn't even know that she was doing that until all of a sudden we saw its little head peak out! So precious!!!!

We look at a few more animals before John Turner spotted a little play area. He went over and spent some time in there. Judson also wanted to get out and play a bit. We also went over and had lunch right in this area.

The trainers were giving the elephants water and John Turner stood and watched this for a long time!

This boy has always been a fan of trains! So, of course, we had to ride the zoo train. He loved it just as much as he always has! He wanted to ride over and over again!

Sweet little Judson decided it was time for a little nap after lunch and the train ride!

He wanted his picture with the big lion. The lions are always my most favorite animal at the zoo!

We walked around and visited several more animals while Judson napped. When he woke up we decided to go to the sea lion show. John Turner really enjoyed this show!

After the sea lion show, we headed over to the last part of the zoo. We visited the Alabama wild animal area and the Alabama barn area. We also had to stop and ride the carousel on the way over to that area.

We were finally done seeing all of the animals and the boys were hot and ready to cool off. We changed them into their swimming clothes and they hit the splash pad! To say John Turner enjoyed this would be an understatement! He now wants a splash pad in our backyard!

And here is the biggest snocone ever! I swear! This is a picture after Carlton had taken all of the top part off!

Carlton and I laugh because we used to take pictures of us together every where we went. Now days we never have a picture of just the two of us! We almost don't look right without kids in the picture!

We had a day full of fun and memory making! Spending days like this with family is priceless! John Turner has already begun planning our next trip to the zoo and has decided that his birthday party should be there!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Time!

Summer time is here! We are thrilled around here! We have already started to enjoy some of the fun that summer brings!

John Turner has been asking for his own sprinkler. I found him a fun caterpillar one at the toy store. We hooked it up last week and he has had a blast with it. He especially enjoys riding his bike and his gator through the water!

We have already started our morning visits to the lake and the playground. John Turner has gotten very good lately at climbing and jumping. He can do so much more than he could do a few months ago! He is really growing up!

We have also started playing in the pools to cool off! Judson got his own baby pool last week and he just adores it! He will play forever in there!

We are out walking in our neighborhood late every afternoon now. Our whole neighborhood pretty much walks with us! It is fun! John Turner decided this past week that he wanted Momma to pull he and brother in the wagon. Boy was it hard! Pulling 50 plus pounds in a wagon is a good workout!

Look at this sweet face! Love it!!!

I think we are going to have such a fun summer around here!

Lap Full of Love

This Momma's lap is full of love! My two sweet blessings!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day and Judson's Baby Dedication

Mother's Day was extra special for our family this year. We dedicated Judson to the Lord during the worship service at church on Mother's Day. It was an awesome way to celebrate being a mother! Most of our family came to celebrate this special day with us. Carlton and I got to spend some time with our mother's too!

My precious boys with me on Mother's Day! Last year, I was a big preggo lady with a precious 2 year old! I remember thinking last year that I just was so full of love for my babies! I had no idea how full of love my heart would be this Mother's Day with a 3 year old and 9 month old loving on me!

Judson did great during the service. He was wiggling all around trying to see everything that was going on. He also was dying to get that paper in my hand! He was quiet most of the time. He let out a couple of "mommas'! I think that was appropriate for Mother's Day!

After the church service we all went to Weidmans for Sunday brunch. We had reserved the room upstairs so that we could enjoy each other's company and so the kids could play!  It was so nice to sit and enjoy a meal with all of our family!

With his Pop and MeMe

With his Aunt Linda and Uncle Russell

With his GiGi

With his Uncle Chris, HaHa, Carly and Brooks

My sweet and super talented friend, Sarah Beth, made this delicious cake for our celebration! It matched the invitations we sent out.

The cousins!!

With is Gran and Grandpa

Our precious family! We are so lucky to have each other!

And here is my beautiful Momma with me and my sister! We are so very fortunate to have grown up with this lady as our momma! I know that we are the Mommas we are today because of how she raised us! The most precious woman I know!!

Lucky for me, my boys are always really good at spoiling me every day of the year! And of course, they had a special prize for me on Mother's Day. This beautiful necklace just means the world to me! It has our anniversary date on one charm and then the boys' names on the other ones. Such a keepsake!!

And my big boy also made me quite a special little gift at school for Mother's Day! I will treasure it always!!

I just can't imagine any Mother's Day being a special or as great as this one was! We are so blessed!