Saturday, June 29, 2013


Colossal Coaster World--That was the theme of VBS at our church this year. I agreed to help teach John Turner's class. My friend and I ended up with 15 3-4 year olds all week. Only 5 of them were boys! It was fun but oh so tiring!!!

They started their morning by attending bible story time. They learned about Paul. They learned to be strong and not afraid because you have Jesus by your side!

They also got to eat a fun snack each morning.

Arts and crafts with Mrs. Lana was always a fun stop in our day!

John Turner's favorite part of VBS was learning the songs and dances. He is still doing them at home weeks later!

They brought as much change as they could each day to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Gran hooked him up with a whole bunch of coins!

We also played a lot of fun games with our friends!

The final day our sweet little group rocked out on the stage for all to see! They were precious!

I really enjoyed each of these babies! Not sure I am cut out to be a preschool teacher though!


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

John Turner and I had the best time going around our neighborhood on a scavenger hunt. I love doing fun activities like this with him!

Carlton's Birthday

Since we were already at the beach for The Color Run, we decided to start his birthday celebration a few days early. We had dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe. We also had breakfast at Tacky Jacks before heading home.

Once we arrived back home, the boys were ready to make Daddy's birthday cake. He requests a strawberry cake with homemade cream cheese icing every year. The boys had a blast helping him celebrate!

Color Run

My sister, Carlton and I signed up for The Color Run in Orange Beach a while back. It took place at The Wharf Memorial Day weekend. We had the absolute best time! The run was so much fun. Plus, we got a weekend at the beach with no children!


The boys all three love to go over to the lake and fish. Here is one of our recent trips.



One of our favorite summer spots is Sonic! We visit often for slushes or ice cream on hot summer days! Sonic had a 50 cent corn dog day this summer and you know the boys and I were all about that! Who could pass up corn dogs, slushes and ice cream for lunch!

First Year of Buddy Ball

Our first year of Buddy Ball has come to an end. It was such a good experience for John Turner. He was the youngest on his team, but it didn't bother him at all. He improved a whole lot by the end of the season. He enjoyed batting so much! He couldn't wait for his turn. He hit without the tee at most every single bat. The thing I want to remember most about his first year is the fact that when he would run the bases and finally make it to home plate, he would stand and smile and wave at me until I acknowledged that he had made it to home plate!

Awanas Year 1

John Turner completed his very first year of Awanas this year at our church. He enjoyed being in Cubbies each Wednesday night. He completed his entire book of verses and was awarded with this Cubbie Bear for his vest. We are very proud of this accomplishment!  He will start his second and final year as a Cubbie in August.