Thursday, January 24, 2013

Junior Auxiliary Ball 2013

I was invited to join Junior Auxiliary this past fall. It was such an honor to be asked and I am enjoying my provisional year so very much. Being in JA allows me to be able help the children in our community. I really can't say enough good things about this organization! 
Each year JA hosts a ball in order to raise money to fund our many projects. This years theme was Casino Royale. There were casino games, a silent auction, a band, food, and a fun photo booth!  Many of our friends joined us for this event. We had such a fabulous time! 
I normally don't like a lot of pictures of myself, but I wanted to document that I was all dressed up for a change! I love being able to dress up! My usual attire is workout clothes while I am chasing the boys around every day. I love getting to be glamorous for a change! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow Day 2012

John Turner has prayed that it would for a long time now. When he heard that it really might snow last week, he was beyond excited. He couldn't even go to sleep because he kept looking out his window!  When he woke up he was squealing with excitement. We bundled up and went straight out in it! 

Judson was not very fond of the snow. John Turner was not fond of it when he was this age either. 

Cutest little snow bunny around! 

Sadly, the snow melted away rather quickly. But, we didn't let it end our snow day fun! We had some fun snowman crafts to do! 

Judson isn't quite ready for crafts, so he rode his train around the house! He was just happy to be out of the cold snow! 

John Turnerisms

This little four year old says some of the cutest things these days! He can make me laugh until I cry most days! He has said a few things lately that I want to remember.

On the particular day this picture was taken we were outside playing. I asked him if he was cold. He responded with, "No, Momma! Boys don't get cold! Only girls do!"

One night we were reading our nightly devotion and the story was telling him that one day everyone who has Jesus in their hearts will get to go and live in a special place called heaven. John Turner asked, "How in the world will Jesus be able to carry everyone all the way up to heaven?" He then responded to his own questions with, "Oh, I know! He will probably just borrow Santa's sleigh!"

We were outside one day just watching the birds fly around up in the sky. John Turner said, "Birds are lucky! If they want to talk to Jesus about something they don't have to pray. They can just fly up to heaven and talk to him!"

I love this smart boy! He really is a thinker and I love that about him! He is really growing up so fast!

Candy Land

Meme and Pop gave John Turner a Candy Land game for Christmas. He and I play at least once a day! If you look at the second picture you can see how competitive we can be! I am so glad he is getting old enough to play board games. I have such fond memories of playing board games with my mom and sister growing up!


Diggin' in the Dirt!

Both of our boys love the dirt! Santa brought John Turner his own wheelbarrow and tools for Christmas. He always wants to dig up something. Luckily, we have a little dirt mound in our neighborhood that I can take them to when they want to dig! We have been spending a lot of time here lately!

Special Brother Time

The boys are really starting to interact and play together more each day. I love seeing the relationship they are building. These are a couple of things that I have caught them doing together lately. 

One day they were in Judson's bed playing dinosaurs. Both of my boys love dinosaurs! Then one day last week I went in John Turner's room and he had layed out a blanket and was having story time with Judson. SWEET!

New Year's Eve

Gran and Grandpa had a big New Year's Eve spend the night party for all of the big grand kids. They got to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, eat in a tent by the fire and shoot fireworks. Little tater tot isn't quite big enough for all of that yet. So, he got to spend New Year's Eve with us! We had a wild party as you can see! 

Christmas with GiGi

Because Christmas time is so busy, we waited until after Christmas to celebrate with GiGi and Pawpaw Ben. Here is our sweet GiGi with all of her babies.

John Turner got this new outdoor grill he has been asking for. He wanted to be able to grill beside his daddy. He also got his own television and DVD player for his bedroom. He was super excited about it. He has watched a movie in his room every day since. He also got a million other things! He is spoiled rotten by his GiGi!

Judson got his very own ride on toy. He loves his brother's! He also got his own Dream Lite and a ton of other prizes.