Saturday, October 30, 2010


Our neighborhood is such a fun place to trick-or-treat! My family comes over to our house each year for Halloween. I was especially thankful that they were here this year because Carlton was on call at the hospital and was in surgery until after 8:00 tonight. He had to miss out on all of the trick-or-treating :-( We left him a lot of food and took a lot of pictures for him!

We ate my mom's delicious homemade vegetable soup for dinner. Then we headed out with the kids to trick-or-treat!

Old McDonald really got the hang of trick-or-treating this year. Him saying "trick-or-treat" is the the cutest thing ever!

As soon as we would leave one house and head for another he would scream "more candy".

He and Carly do love each other so much! They love spending time and doing things together. Most of the time they do end up in some kind of fight though:-)

After we had walked around awhile, Old McDonald sat down on the sidewalk and said he "needed a rest". HAHA!!

After his rest, he was ready to finish our trick-or-treating route!

We have already been into some of our yummy treats tonight! Looks like it will take us all month to eat it all!

Halloween Hayride!

Our friends from church all got together last night and had a Halloween party and hayride for all of our children. Anytime we get to hang out with this group we always have a great time!

Mommy and Daddy had to have their picture made with Old McDonald!

John Turner for sure has some of the sweetest and cutest friends anyone could ever have! Their parents aren't so bad either:-)!

After we showed off our costumes and stuffed our faces, we all changed into some warmer clothes to get ready for the hayride! It was quite chilly outside last night! That makes Halloween more fun to me! I love a cold Halloween night!

After we came back from the hayride we roasted marshmallows and warmed up with apple cider! Definitely a night with friends we will always remember!

Costume Day at School

Friday was costume day at John Turner's school. I was wondering just how "Old McDonald" would deal with getting up early and putting on his costume for school. Well, he surprised me! He couldn't wait to put it on and go to school to show his teachers! Here he is before we got in the car to head to school. He had his hat, his boots, his pitchfork and all of his animals. He was ready to go!

This is John Turner's precious class right before they headed out to trick-or-treat at school. They are such a sweet group of children and teachers !

After they trick-or-treated, they had a BIG party with a lot of yummy treats. They also got to have Happy Meals from McDonald's for lunch! I didn't get any pictures when I came back for the party because I forgot my camera:-(

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Donuts and Doodling

Today was "Donuts and Doodling" at John Turner's school. This is an event held each fall at his school. At this event parents and grandparents are invited to eat donuts with the children and to take a tour of the school to see the students' "artwork" that they have created during the fall season. My mom(Gran-Gran) and I went with this little artist to school this morning.

As you can tell, he is overjoyed that Gran-Gran came to his art show!

John Turner showed us each and every "masterpiece" that was his!

Here is a sample of our "little Van Gogh's" art!

While we were there we got to see some pictures of John Turner during a cupcake eating contest at school. I think he may have won this contest!

This is John Turner with his sweet teacher, Mrs. Heather, at the cupcake eating contest.

I love this project that he made! It is so comforting knowing that he his not only learning his ABC's, numbers, colors, etc.. But he is also learning about Jesus!

I had such a great time seeing all of the things he has been working on at school. He was so proud of himself and that made me so happy!

It has been a busy week for us! Fall Festival last night, Donuts and Doodling today, Hallween party and trick-or-treating at school tomorrow morning, hayride and Halloween party tomorrow night and Trick-or-treating and costume party Saturday night! WHEW! I guess we will breathe again on Monday!

HBC Fall Festival

Last night we took John Turner to the Fall Festival at our church. This was his third year to attend this event, but it was the first year that he has been able to understand and play all of the games. He had so much fun! Carlton and I were SO worn out by the time we got home last night!

He enjoyed trying to catch butterflies in the net. We are thinking this will be one of his Christmas presents this year. He played here most of the night!

He got to shoot some hoops with Daddy!

At the sucker pull, he pulled one of the "big prize" suckers. So, he got to take home this giant, colorful sucker! He was so proud of it!

He picked out at tattoo that he wanted on his hand. I wasn't so sure he would sit and let the sweet girl put it on him.

But he did! He was showing everyone his blue cross! He also didn't not want us to wash it off last night in the bathtub!

He had fun rolling the ball down the hill and trying to make it land in the muffin pan holes. He was really good at this game and got most of the balls in the holes!

He also went fishing. He caught a package of pumpkin shaped pretzels which he has been eating on all day today!

The only way I could get a picture of John Turner with his best friends was to load them all up in this car and let Mr. Andy push them around the parking lot! John Turner loves his sweet friends!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday afternoon we decided to go and pick out a pumpkin for carving. John Turner thought we were going back to the pumpkin patch. He was very dissapointed when we drove up at Wal-mart to get a pumpkin and our carving supplies. He said, "I go to pumpkin patch to get pumpkin." He finally settled for one from Wal-Mart.

John Turner and his daddy bought a book that had many different face designs to use for pumpkin carving. They decided on the silly jack o'lantern. It was the perfect choice! Now that they had their pumpkin, their carving supplies and had picked out their face pattern! They were all ready to begin carving!

John Turner was great at helping his daddy. He worked hard at getting the pumpkin's top to come off!

After a lot of hard work, it finally came off!

Next, they worked at digging out all of the pumpkin's guts! John Turner seemed to enjoy this part the most!

It is all emply inside now!

Next, It was time to carve out our pumpkin's silly face. This was a long process! John Turner decided he would go run and play with Oliver, our cat, during this part.

The finished product!

A perfect silly jack o'lantern!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

October is my favorite month of the year! I love the fall!! I love the weather, the colors, the clothes, the smells, the food, etc... To me fall has not officially begun until you have visited the pumpkin patch!

So, we took this precious little pumpkin out to the Lazy Acre Pumpkin Patch last weekend. Sunday afternoon was perfect pumpkin patch weather! It was a little windy, as you will see from looking at our hair in these pictures. We just had the best time spending the beautiful afternoon outside at the pumpkin patch with John Turner!

The first thing he ran to as soon as we paid our way in was the animal farm section. There were only a few miniature horses, goats, turkeys and some dogs. He was thrilled beyond belief to see these animals! He even got some kisses from the farm dog:-).

Next, we traveled on over to the playground. This was something they have added since our visit last year. John Turner stayed in this area for quite a while. He loved all of the John Deere equipment! He raced tricycles with Daddy, rode a lawn mower, climbed through a tire tunnel and up a tire mountain, and went swinging on a horsey!

After wearing Mommy and Daddy out on the playgroud, we all jumped on the hayride for a rest. This hayride would take us down to the pumpkin patch to select our special pumpkin to take home. I remember last year I walked around and chose just the right pumpkin to take home. Not this year! John Turner looked around at all of the pumpkins in the patch, he sat down and talked to a few, and then he found the exact pumpkin he wanted. He picked it up and said "take". So, we took this little pumpkin home with us, of course!

After our hayride was over, we knew it was getting close to time for the pig races. So we headed out to the bleachers and got a front row seat. John Turner was mesmerized watching these little piggies run a race. He would say "more, more" when they finished and he would clap and cheer when one crossed the finish line. He loved this!

We then decided to go on the train ride. Carlton and John Turner had ridden this last year. This year they wanted me to go. Well, I did. It was a very bumpy ride! We also walked through a corn maze and played a game of corn beanbag toss.

We had a great day! I am looking foward to many more exciting adventures during this fall season!