Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kindermusik Class

One of the gifts that we got John Turner for Christmas was an enrollment in Kindermusik classes for this semester. He has loved music and dancing since he was born! So we thought Kindermusik would be great for him. Boy were we right! He LOVES going to his class each week! One thing that makes this class so great is the amazing teacher! Mrs. Julie does a fantastic job of teaching them sounds, beats, rhythms, movements, etc.. She also has one beautiful voice!

Mrs. Julie has some very cool shaker instruments that the children get to experiement with each week. John Turner thinks he must carry at least two shakers at all times!

Book time is also a favorite part of Kindermusik for John Turner. He has now decided that he wants to read the books to himself instead of having us read them!

John Turner can't get to Mrs. Julie fast enough when he sees her getting out the drums! He has a drum at home and loves to play it too. He is getting good at tapping the drum to the beat of the music!

John Turner has learned many different movements since starting his Kindermusic class.

  • spinning around in a circle
  • marching
  • bending down and then popping up
  • jumping
  • tapping his hands on his thighs to music
  • bouncing
  • swaying
  • moving forwards and backwards

We are very glad we decided to enroll John Turner in this class. He has learned so much already and we have both made some great friends!

By the way, this class is quite a workout for Mommy!!! LOL!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Heart Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day From The Watt Family!

We had a great Valentine's weekend! Cupid even stopped by our house and left a little prize for John Turner!

He enjoyed all of his prizes! He got some new books, some bubbles, some heart shaped sunglasses, a big cookie, a puppy dog, and best of all some CHOCOLATE!

Mommy loves this little Valentine! He even gave me some extra special kisses and hugs this weekend!

Of course Daddy wasn't left out! He got some special love and attention too!

He got to enjoy the big chocolate heart sucker that Cupid left. He ate over half of it and screamed when I took it away from him! He has a bigger sweet tooth than his Momma!

John Turner is for sure a very special Valentine to me! But his Daddy was my first special Valentine! We had a great weekend! He cooked me a surprise dinner at home on Friday night and gave me some beautiful red tulips! Saturday night we had a babysitter and went on a special dinner date with some friends. He is also sending me to the Ross Bridge Resort next weekend for a spa visit and some shopping! He is just such a sweet and thoughtful man! I am lucky to have two very special Valentines in my life!!

Valentine's Day 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day #2

Since there was still some snow left on the ground this morning, we decided to let John Turner try it out one more time. As you can tell from the picture below, he liked the snow much better today!

He took his shovel outside this morning and enjoyed shoveling the snow that was left.

He even ventured out and walked in it a bit! He also went for a wagon ride through the snow!

We are glad John Turner got to experience this. We don't know if this much snow will ever come to Mississippi again!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Mississippi Snow Day!

The weathermen around here have been predicting snow for today all week. John Turner put on his lucky winter snowflake pajamas last night, read some books about snow for his bedtime story, and prayed that they would be right this time!

Well...The pajamas must have worked! This is what we did today!!

Here are a few scenes around our house today! It was just beautiful!

John Turner wanted to go out from the moment he saw it through the window this morning. When he finally got out in it he didn't like it as much as he thought he would. He was saying "in" and pointing at the door before too long!

Carlton built us a really cool snowman! I think it was the best in our neighborhood! John Turner seemed to be a little afraid of it!

This picture sums up what John Turner thought of the snow most of the day! He liked watching it from inside just like his Momma! We like to stay warm and dry and just enjoy the view from the inside!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010