Saturday, June 26, 2010

Navarre Beach Trip- Part 3

After a long, fun day on the beach and a long nap, we got ready and headed out to dinner.

We drove over to Pensacola Beach and ate at Flounders. It was delicious! The coconut shrimp were amazing! They have a playground outside behind Flounders. John Turner and the girls enjoyed that part the most!

Sunday morning we had to pack up and leave. The girls made John Turner a necklace with one of the seashells that they had found. He was so proud of that thing! He wore it all the way home!

Before we headed out we all had breakfast on the water! It was great! John Turner is sporting Uncle Chris's sunglasses in this picture. He hates the sun in his eyes. He has his own pair of sunglasses but will not leave them on for more than a second. He loved wearing Uncle Chris's! I guess his sunglasses aren't as cool as Uncle Chris's!

Sunday was also Father's Day! Here is picture of John Turner with his Daddy! It was nice to get away and spend time with him at the beach for Father's Day!

Navarre Beach Trip- Part 2

Saturday morning we woke up to the sound of John Turner screaming "I Beach" at 7:30! He never gets up this early! He was so excited about the day!

We had a little snuggle and tickle time with the girls in our pjs,

played with the screen door,

put on our swimming clothes

and headed out to the beach for the day!

Of course we had to stop and play in the pool for a little while before heading to the beach.

John Turner pretty much planted his bottom underneath the beach tent and played in the sand all day long!

Aunt Krystee showed him how to build sandcastles and how to find seashells.

The girls spent all day hunting for seashells! Navarre has such beautiful water that shells are not hard to find. They found some beautiful shells.

The girls went through all of their shells and picked out the very best ones to give to John Turner. He came home with a bag full of beautiful shells!

Navarre Beach Trip- Part 1

We took a very spontaneous trip to the beach last weekend! We decided to head to Navarre Beach, Florida for a couple of reasons. First and most importantly, Carlton's sister and her family live in Navarre. They are going to be moving to ARIZONA in a few weeks and we were dying to spend some time with them before they left! Second, the beaches at Navarre were still oil free!!! So, we made condo reservations, packed our beach bags, picked up our niece, Breanna, and headed to Navarre!

As soon as we got to our condo and John Turner walked out on our balcony, he began screaming "wa wa" "wa wa"! He was dying to go down to the beach. So we headed down to take a look before dinner.

Then we headed to meet Carlton's sister and her family for dinner. John Turner was very excited to see his cousins, Camryn and Carley. As you can probably already tell, his three beautiful cousins tend to spoil him when they are around him! And he just LOVES all of that spoiling!!

After dinner we headed back to our condo for some night swimming. John Turner stayed up swimming and playing with these girls until after 10:00! This is very rare for him! Camryn and Breanna even spent the night at the condo with him the first night we were there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Music Camp

John Turner attended a week long summer music camp. He had such a wonderful experience in Kindermusik class this Spring that we thought he would enjoy a music camp this summer. He had a fabulous time!

The theme of the summer music camp was "Creatures at the Ocean". This was right up our alley! We have been reading books about the ocean at home getting ready for our beach trip this weekend. This music class made us even more excited about our beach trip. During this music camp John Turner got to be involved in so many fun activities. He got to play with beach balls, make a kite, wiggle his toes in the sand, and make parachute simulated waves. He also learned how to walk like a crab and dance like an octopus. He was exposed to many books about the ocean and its creatures.

Here is a picture of his sweet class. (Sorry its not a great picture--it was hot and steamy outside!) He made some great friends! Many of them will probably be in his Kindermusik class this fall.

John Turner showing off his art projects from camp and his new t-shirt!

One of the books Mrs. Julie shared with us was The Rainbow Fish. Here is John Turner with his rainbow fish.

We also read a story about kites. Here John Turner is with his very own kite!

Here John Turner is enjoying his popsicle that Mrs. Julie gave them for the last day of class. Man it was hot outside this week!

We both had so much fun this week and look foward to starting back with Kindermusik classes this fall. Now we are taking all of the information we have learned about the ocean and its creatures and we are headed to the beach to see it all in person!