Monday, January 27, 2014

January Snow!

Snow was predicted in the forecast and John Turner was up early to look outside to see if it was snowing, He had even slept in his snowman PJ's for good luck! Sure enough he woke up to snow flurries!! He was ecstatic!!

Judson thought he was happy too! Turns out his is like Mommy and would rather be at the beach! He would say he wanted to go out with John Turner. Then we would bundle him all up and take him out. After about 2 minutes he would cry and say it is too cold in the snow and he wanted to go back inside! John Turner stayed out pretty much the whole day! He loved playing in the snow!

This picture below sums up Judson's thoughts about our January snow! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sock Hop

Our cool dude had a blast at the school Sock Hop! He danced the night away! His favorite part was the coke float!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Random Catch-up Fun from January

Here is a random catch-up from our January!
John Turner got some new aviators and he was so excited that we matched! We had to have a picture! 
I went to check on John Turner one night before I went to bed and here is what I found!

We are big fans of Pete the Cat around here!

John Turner and I have a Friday night tradition of dinner and then snuggling and watching a movie in my bed! I treasure this time with him so much!

This little thing loves to eat pretzels from the mall! He asks to have them at least once a week!

John Turner's teacher sent me this picture of him during their 100th day of school fun!

Doesn't he look 100 days smarter?

A rare pic of Gran and Grandpa with all four grandchildren.

We spend a beautiful day hiking in the woods one afternoon. We had one of our best afternoons ever!


This sweet boy turned two and half in January and he is looking so big!

Carlton and I attended the JA ball in January. It is always a fun night with friends. This year was  Great Gatsby theme.

Cousins being silly!

Judson is the silliest and funniest little thing!

Mexican is the boys favorite spot for dinner! Cheesy rice and chips make them happy!

A cold day spent in our pjs playing Disney DVD Bingo!

John Turner has really wanted a tea set for a while now. I finally found one that Carlton would agree too. It is Curious George and he adores it! I brought it back from our New Orleans trip. They have had a tea party almost every day since.

Cootie Bug champion!

Celebrating Gran's Birthday!