Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 weeks and Big Boy Beds

I am 10 1/2 weeks!

Pregnancy highlights
How far along: 10 1/2 weeks
Size of baby: size of a prune
Total weight gain/loss: none yet...
Maternity clothes: not yet...
Gender: Can't wait to know! (I am thinking it is a boy--Carlton thinks it is a girl)
Movement: I haven't felt anything yet
Sleep: going to the bathroom every few minutes makes sleep not so great!
What I miss: sleeping through the night
Cravings: orange juice, salty foods
Symptoms: a little tired and a little nauseous at times-Thanks Goodness that is all!
Best moment of the week: taking John Turner to shop for furniture for his big boy room! :-)

John Turner is still sleeping in his crib. He LOVES his crib!! He sometimes just likes to sit in it and play or read to his animal friends! He will stay in there for hours! Well, since we are going to be needing the crib for the new baby come August, we decided it was time to go shopping for some big boy furniture! John Turner will be moving down the hallway to a new and bigger room and the nursery will stay where it is now.

We took him to a kids' furniture store in town that has a 2nd floor devoted to nothing but big kids' rooms! He was very excited to go shopping here! Especially when he saw that he got to climb up a bunch of stairs to get to where we were going!

He was much more into playing with the stuffed animals and decorations rather than looking at the beds!

He did love climbing all of the ladders on the bunk beds.

He found this set that had Dora and Diego on it and said, "I need this one!" I don't think that Mommy could look at this in his bedroom every day!!

Then he found this one with a slide escape! He thought it was the best thing he had ever seen!!

Daddy feels that a boy needs bunk beds. Mommy wasn't so sure of that! But after looking today and seeing John Turner with the bunk beds, I am convinced! Bunk beds it will be!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

9 Weeks

We went for our first doctor's appointment for the new baby this week. Everything went well! I had an ultrasound and the baby looked great! It measured at about 9 weeks and 2 days. That puts my due date around August 14th. It had a heart rate of 164! We could see it moving and we could see its arm and leg buds starting to develop. We were very excited to get a good report! When we got home we showed the ultrasound picture to John Turner. We told him this was his baby brother or sister. His response was, " That's a big mountain!". He continues to call it a mountain every time he looks at the picture! HAHA!!!

Here is our first official family of four photo!

(I didn't have a blog until right before John Turner was born. So, I didn't get to journal about my pregnancy with him. I totally regret that! I am planning on doing it with this baby. I probably won't be able to do it every single week, but I do plan to update and post pictures throughout the pregnancy.)

I am 9 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 9 weeks
Size of Baby: size of a grape
Total Weight Gain/Loss: no loss or gain yet...
Maternity Clothes: not yet...
Gender: we can't wait to find out
Movement: we got to see the baby moving on the ultrasound, but I haven't felt any movement yet
Sleep: I am up and down all night going to the bathroom right now, so sleep is not so great at the moment!
What I Miss: Nothing really... maybe caffeine and not being able to exercise as much as I was
Cravings: orange juice and salty foods
Symptoms: mostly just feeling tired; had some nauseous moments but no real sickness!
Best Moment of the Week: having the first ultrasound and seeing our baby for the first time!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Family- Christmas 2010

Christmas was very busy and very fun for us this year. We did a lot of traveling and a lot of eating!! I didn't get pictures of us at every stop this year. So, here is a peak at Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house this year.

Christmas Eve night we prepared for Santa's arrival. John Turner baked some delicious sugar cookes for Santa, and we even put out some carrots for the reindeer to munch on while they were here.

We also sprinkled some reindeer food out in our yard to make sure that Rudolph was able to locate our house. Rudolph loves the smell of oats! So we sprinkled some oats out in our front yard. We also added in some glitter so that Rudolph could easily locate our house from the sky!

Santa was very good to all of us this year! John Turner was amazed when he walked into our dining room Christmas morning! He couldn't beleive what all was sitting there! Two is such a fun age!

The favorite present that Santa left this year was an outside playhouse. John Turner was in shock when he finally noticed that this was sitting there! The faces he made were ones we will never forget!

He also enjoyed all of the other prizes Santa left for him! (If you look closely into the playhouse, you can see that Santa left Mommy a special surprise---An iPad!!! Thanks, Santa!)

The stocking was also filled with some major goodies! John Turner couldn't have been happier!

The best gift that Santa brought to us this year was finding out that we are going to have another sweet baby in the coming year! We are thrilled! 2010 was an amazing year! It looks as if 2011 will be even better!