Friday, March 30, 2012

Dr. Watt

John Turner's classroom had uniform day at school They could wear any kind of uniform they wanted. I talked to John Turner about it and he told me he wanted to be a doctor and dress like Daddy. So, I went on the search for some scrubs to fit a skinny 3 year old! Luckily, I succeeded.

He was so excited to have his picture made with Daddy since they "matched"! He is really into things matching these days!

I think Daddy was very proud that this little boy wants to be so much like him!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our sweet little tater tot turned 8 months old on the 26th. He is just growing up on us too fast! He still has his perfect little laid back go with the flow personality. He is just getting to be such a fun little monkey--Starting to explore things and jabbering at us. We think he is such a precious little angel!

8 month stats:
-around 19 lbs( we will go to Dr next month for a 9 month check-up so we will know for sure then)
--wearing size 3 diapers
--wearing size 6-9 month, 9 month clothing
--sleeping 12 hours at night- 7:30-7:30
--takes two naps a day each are about 1 1/2 hours in length
--still eating so well! we have tried many new things with him this month and he has loved them all!
--doing well with his sippy cup--hoping to transition at least one bottle out over the next month
--has two little bitty teeth on the bottom--his 2nd one came in on his 8 month birthday!
--still not crawling--when he does try he usually goes backwards
--when we stand him up beside something he can hold on and stand very well
--has the chunkiest little thighs that I want to kiss all day long!
--has the bluest eyes and pretty blond hair
--starting to try to get to brother's toys when he is playing near him--brother does NOT like this very much!
--loves being outside--we spend pretty much every afternoon outside--he either plays in his exersaucer outside or in his pack n play-- he also still loves going for walks
--he is still a little snuggler!

Brush, Brush, Brush Your Tooth!

Judson got his very own little toothbrush recently. He needed to start taking care of that one little tooth! At first he wasn't sure what this thing I was giving him was! But pretty soon he had figured it out and spent all day brushing that little tooth!

Me and my two precious boys (John Turner 3 1/2 years--Judson 7 1/2 months)

And just look at Judson's sweet little tooth showing!

And notice that Glo-Glo is still hanging out with us! He has slept with John Turner since he was born! At 3 1/2 years old, John Turner still considers him his best pal and must have him at nap time and at bedtime! I seriously think he will be with us forever!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lego Land

Judson and I feel like we live in "Lego Land" most days! HA HA!! John Turner builds and builds and builds all day long! Well, baby brother has now started to become interested in these things called Legos! John Turner does not like this at all! He tries his best to keep Judson from touching them. He will occasionally pick one Lego out and let him hold it for a little while. The other day John Turner got so tired of Judson grabbing his Legos and knocking his towers down. He decided to build a barricade to keep baby brother away from the Legos. It worked...for now...I am thinking that soon it won't be working anymore!

Symphony Do-Dah

The Meridian Symphony Orchestra hosted an event for children this past weekend called "Symphony Do-Dah". The whole event had a Disney theme. My sister and my niece, Carly, came along with us. Also, several of our good friends went too. It was a very fun night!

The first part was a meet and greet with some of Disney's most popular characters. My son was only interested in Mickey! Most of the other characters there were Disney princesses and he said that they were for "gurls" and he did not want to meet them. So we hung out with Mickey and gave him tons of hugs and told him we would be seeing him in November!

The symphony also had an instrument petting zoo set up. The children were able to go around and try out many instruments. This was John Turner's favorite part! This boy LOVES everything about music! I seriously see a musician of some kind in his future!

After meeting the characters and trying out some of the instruments we headed to our seats to get ready for the symphony! We had fabulous seats! John Turner was completely in awe of the whole thing! It was held in our newly built Riley Center. This place is absolutely breath taking! John Turner couldn't get over the beauty of it! The orchestra was warming up when we arrived at our seats. He loved watching that part.

The symphony started and it was wonderful! They played songs from Disney movies that the children were familiar with. They also had the characters come in and clap and sing along with some songs.

The Meridian Symphony really outdid themselves with this event! I can't say enough good things about it! John Turner had a great experience at his first symphony concert. He is looking forward to attending another one soon. He has requested to sit up high in the balcony next time!

Picnic at the Lake

We have had some beautiful weather in Mississippi lately! We decided to pick up some Chick fil a and head to the lake one gorgeous afternoon. We just had the best little family picnic. We also fed the ducks that were there and stopped off at the playground to climb and run for a bit too. Nothing is better to me than spending a beautiful day outdoors with these three handsome boys!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Judson's Been Up To

Since I do a monthly post on Judson, I just have a few things to add that he has been up to lately.

Enjoying his Ball Pit

My sister bought him this for Christmas and he loves it so much! He has the best time playing in it right now! He likes to sit up and throw the ball or try to eat the balls. Sometimes he just lays himself down in the middle and rolls around!

Sitting up and Playing

He is enjoying being able to sit up so much. He can sit and play with is toys so well now!


This boy has no desire to crawl! This is him after I put him up on all fours! He just sat there rocked back and forth and then fell forward and rolled around! HA HA! He is also playing secret hideout with brother in this picture!

Watching Brother Play Outside

His favorite thing to do these days is to sit outside and watch brother play.

SMILING And Being Sweet!

This is the sweetest, happiest, smiliest baby ever! I just want to snuggle and kiss him all day long!

Shopping with Momma

Judson sat up in a shopping cart for the first time last week on our weekly shopping trip. He just had the best time talking to everyone we came in contact with.

Getting a Big Boy Car seat
Judson has pretty much outgrown his little infant seat. He seems a little scrunched in there. So this week we got him a big boy car seat. We have not even opened the box yet, but he seems to like it already!

Showing Off A New Tooth

Judson finally got a tooth when he turned 7 months old. John Turner already had at least 2 0r maybe 3 at this age. I think it is the cutest little tooth ever!

Learning to Drink from a Sippy Cup

Judson is finally starting to get the hang of the sippy cup this week. He was really proud of himself!

What John Turner's Been Up To

Well, since our Internet has been down I am about a month behind with the blog. I have decided to do a post about what each of my boys has been up to over this past month. I am also sad to say that pretty much every one of these pics were taken with my iPhone! I just never have time to get our the big camera anymore! I have got to do better about that! Anyway, here is what my big boy has been up to!

Going To The Circus

We took John Turner to a small family circus that visited our town. This was a VERY SMALL circus! They did have one lion and three elephants so that was fun. Of course, the things that John Turner liked most about this circus was the $8 popcorn and the $5 sno-cone! His daddy also paid $20!!! for a ride on an elephant that might have lasted one minute!

Playing Baseball

John Turner received his own baseball glove and baseball from Cupid on Valentine's Day. He is actually super talented at using his glove and ball already!

Using our imagination

John Turner has an amazing imagination! He is so creative sometimes that it just really shocks me. Our neighbor gave him a big box a while back and he has had the most fun using it for creative playtime. On this day, he had build a pathway up to the secret hideout. There was also a bridge on the other side that had to be crossed in order to get to it. You can also see that Sophie Giraffe(one of Judson's toys) gets in on the action too!

Dressing Up and Being Silly
John Turner loves to put on our socks and shoes and act silly. He also got my recent Jimmy Buffet concert attire and dressed himself up in it! He is so funny sometimes that I just laugh at him for hours!

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday

John Turner and I made some very cute snacks for his classroom on the day they celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. He loves to help make anything in the kitchen so this was great fun for him. We made "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" snacks. They turned out super cute and yummy!

He also dressed up in his "Cat in the Hat" hat for the party. The stuffed "Cat in the Hat" also got to go to school that day!

Hog Hunting

John Turner got to go on his first hog hunt with his Daddy and his Pop. He said he enjoyed it and wanted to go back again. From the looks of his boots and clothes when he got home, I would say he enjoyed playing in the mud the most!

Resting When I Can Get Him Too
This pic was after a rare nap day. John Turner has decided that he doesn't need naps anymore. He does have to have a quiet time each afternoon while baby brother naps. But he rarely goes to sleep anymore. This picture also contains our newest friend, Llama Llama! How he fits in that bed with all of those other animals I will never know!
Eating Yummy Treats

John Turner really loves desserts! He wants me to make him cookies or cakes almost every day! I usually make him at least one dessert each weekend. As you can tell from this picture, chocolate chip cookies are his favorite!

School Pictures
John Turner recently took his school picture for this year. I never know how these will turn out with this crazy boy! But I think they are so perfect and capture his personality so well! He looks way to grown up to me though!
Playing Outside

The weather has been pretty awesome around here lately! We have lived outside! John Turner just loves to explore around the yard and take in all of the things around him outside. One day he found this bird's nest lying on the ground beside a tree. He wanted so badly for me to put it back in the tree so the momma bird could lay her eggs in it.


I think that I could have a little chef on my hands. He has always loved to pretend to cook things, but now he wants to make real things. Carlton surprised me with a new Kitchen Aide mixer last month. John Turner and I have had the best time trying it out by making all kinds of fun desserts! We even made a homemade cheesecake this week! It is the hardest thing I have ever made by far! We were very proud of it!

Well, I think that about sums up what John Turner has been doing over the past month. He is such a smart, energetic and fun-loving kid! He is now 3 1/2 and I cannot believe it! We just love watching him grow and become this cool big kid!