Friday, July 19, 2013

Despicable Me 2: Judson's First Trip to the Movies

We watched Despicable Me a while back. Since then John Turner has been begging to go see Despicable Me 2. This week was the last week it was going to be showing at our local theater. We had contemplated for a while on whether to get a sitter for Judson or take him with us. Well, we decided to take a chance and try it out with him. We figured about half way through one of us would have to get up and take him out to the mall playground or something.  We did not take John Turner to a movie until he was 2 1/2 at least. Judson is such a different kind of kid though. He is very calm and attentive. John Turner was so excited to show him the theater and to order him some popcorn.
That sweet baby boy sat through the entire movie without a problem. He ate his popcorn and his candy and danced and laughed. We all four had the best time!


Rock Concert

One morning last week, I was given a private dining room concert by these two rock stars! This was all before breakfast! My boys are going from the minute their feet hit the floor! It was the most beautiful concert I have ever heard!

Our First Family Bowling Trip

We decided to take our first family bowling trip this summer! We only made it through one game, but we had so much fun! Judson, as any two year old would, decided that every turn was "my turn", which he screamed pretty much the whole game! John Turner really enjoyed himself! I have a feeling we will take many more trips to the bowling alley!

A Boy and his Hat

Judson feels as though he should be wearing a hat at all times! Seriously, sometimes I have to take it off to put him to bed!



I love to teach my boys new things. Watching them learn is one of my greatest joys! It is the reason that I do not work! I want to be the one to teach them and see them learn new things! These past few weeks, Judson has really been into learning his letter and John Turner has been into learning all of the states and where they are located.


Summer Art Class

John Turner loves to do art projects. When I heard that the Meridian Museum of Art was hosting a week long art camp for 4-5 year olds, I knew I had to sign him up. His sweet friend, Sam also decided to take the class with him. They had a fun time. It was a neat experience for John Turner to just be inside of an art museum. The museum is hosting an art show reception in august and will have all of their work displayed for us to see. I am so looking forward to that!

Summer Cool Spots!

Our two favorite places to visit when it is hot outside is the sno cone stand and the yogurt shop! We have been there numerous times this summer!

Fourth of July

We spent the 4th of July with my family. We had a cookout at our house and then made our way to the lake for the annual fireworks show. The kids had a blast this year! They are really growing up on us!

Creature Catcher

My big boy has turned into quite the creature catcher. He has recently been bringing in fun and new surprises to me each day. When he went to MeMe's house last time he caught this green frog.
On this day, he was out back playing and he caught a ladybug and a tiny green worm.


Summer Fun

Just another fun summer activity to keep two energetic boys busy!

We also painted a little rock family one day for some entertainment! Judson loved painting the rocks!


I normally don't include a lot of pictures of things outside of our family. But this girl has been my BFF for over 10 years now! We have literally been through everything in our adult life together! She is the one person who completely gets me no matter what!  I love getting rare dinner dates out with her. We have a big trip planned together in a few weeks to see Kenney Chesney and Zac Brown!