Monday, April 23, 2012

HBCDC Spring Fling Program

John Turner had his spring fling program at his preschool last week. It was his class plus two other classrooms. They wanted to showcase all of the many things that they have learned throughout this year.  They shared many songs with us. They also said the Pledge of Allegiance and the days of the week. I was soooooo worried about how he was going to react to performing on a stage in front of a bunch of people! My boy can sometimes be very shy! Welllll.... I should not have worried! He was a complete ham on that stage! From the moment he walked in he was pure entertainment to us all! Gran, GiGi and SuSu all were able to come and watch his performance. Baby brother also enjoyed the songs very much! Carlton was on first call and didn't get to attend. We videoed it all for him. We had popcorn and movie night and watched it as soon as Daddy got off work!

After his program we all got to go back to his classroom for cookies and milk. He also got to leave school early with all of us and have a special lunch date at his choice of restaurant. He chose to eat on the patio at Chili's. It was such a fabulous and fun day of celebrating our big boy and all he has accomplished at school this year!

Here is silly boy back in his classroom after the big performance!

This sweet picture is of John Turner and his first love, Harper Anne! They have been very best friends since they were a few months old! We are saving this one for the wedding rehearsal video!

 Judson and Gran enjoying the wonderful program!

We are so very proud of our big boy and all of his growth this year! He amazes us with his smartness every single day! He also has us cracking up most days with his funny little personality! What a joy he is to everyone around him!

Bath Time Fun

I have finally gotten brave enough to put these two boys in the bathtub at the same time. I was worried about John Turner being too rough to bathe with Judson. He totally surprised me and was amazing with him in the tub! He just played with him and made him laugh the whole time! They both could not be any happier about this! And it has made this Mommy's nighttime routine so much easier! Bath time is now the highlight of our day!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting the Easter Bunny

One of John Turner's best friends, Gracie, had a birthday party the Friday before Easter. It was the cutest party ever! It was all Easter themed and the kids had a blast! The best part of the party was that the Easter Bunny came to visit! John Turner was totally amazed that he was there. Judson wasn't sure what to think of this thing! I am so glad we didn't have to go see the creepy bunny in the mall this year! This one was much cuter!

Egg Dying

John Turner was very excited about dying Easter eggs this year. Judson had already gone to bed so he didn't get to participate this year. We pretty much let him do everything by himself this year. Yes, it was quite a mess but he had a blast! And we ended up with some beautiful eggs!

Easter Sunday 2012

The Easter Bunny made his way to our house and delivered two baskets full of goodies!

We had to wake John Turner up on Easter morning. Once he woke up, he made a bee line to the living room to see what the Easter Bunny had left him! He was THRILLED with everything he received!

Next, John Turner helped Judson go through his basket and show him what he had gotten. He was excited about it all!

My sweet boys just love each other so much!

John Turner enjoying his annual Easter Sunday morning breakfast of a chocolate peanut butter bunny!

After all the Easter morning fun, we had to all go get dressed quickly in order to make it to church on time. I am thinking that the Easter Bunny may start coming on Saturday or on Sunday afternoon. It was too hard to pull them away from the goodies!

My three loves!

My two precious boys and me

Oh, My! How I just love this picture of my two sweet and handsome little boys! This just captures each of them so well! They looked so precious dressed up in their coordinating Easter outfits!

We always get a picture in front of the beautiful flower-filled cross as church on Easter morning. This year the sun was just too bright to look a the camera!

This last picture means the world to me. This is my best friend, Kelly, and her family. We have been best friends since we got our master's degrees together back in 2003. Long before our kiddos! Now we are both surrounded by a bunch of boys! I love having her as my best friend and boy mom!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Church Preschool Egg Hunt

We attended our first egg hunt of the year last weekend. It was the preschool egg hunt that our church has each Easter. John Turner was more excited about egg hunting this year than he has ever been! It was Judson's first egg hunt ever! He even missed his entire morning nap to attend!

I tried to take a cute picture of them before the egg hunt in front of Ms. Dana's cute Easter decor. John Turner is actually getting to where he will let me take his picture. Of course, Judson is now getting to the stage where he is more interested in everything around him and doesn't want to look at the camera!

The children painted sun catchers before the egg hunt. John Turner's was just beautiful! It is the one with the yellow sunshine behind the cross.
Here is big boy just patiently waiting for Mrs. Rachel to say, "GO!"

And here he is hunting eggs! I looked back at him doing this exact same thing last year, and my how he has grown! He was really good at hunting eggs this year. He filled his basket to the brim!

He couldn't wait to get back to show Daddy and Brother all of his eggs!

I just love doing things like this with John Turner. He is such a smart, silly and independent boy!

Of course, before we ate lunch, Mrs. Rachel shared the Easter story with us.

We had a wonderful morning at this event!