Thursday, September 30, 2010

At Two I Am...

The happy shot

The serious shot

We went for John Turner's two-year old check-up last week. He, of course, is still underweight! We are going to go back in six months for a weight check. Please pray that he has gained some weight by then-mainly so this momma won't worry so much. He walked back with the nurse like a big boy--until he saw the scales and she told him to get on so she could weigh him. He then had a major meltdown that lasted throughout the rest of our appointment. He got his flu shot and another shot that he needed. He also had his first stomach bug this week (not good for the weight gain). He is finally over that, but he now seems to have a bad cold! UGH!! Hopefully next week we will be all healthy again!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

After partying it up all day Saturday, we headed to the beach early Sunday morning. We couldn't wait to play in the sun and sand for a whole week! John Turner's official birthday was on Monday, the 13th. Here is a picture of him standing on our balcony on his official birthday! He looks so handsome and so grown up!

We started a tradition on his first birthday of having a "birthday breakfast" on the official birthday morning. This year it was more special because he got to have it on his first morning at the beach! He wanted us to keep relighting the candle so he could blow it out again!

We of course had to have a family picture made on his birthday! Don't you love that smile!!

This trip was so much fun for John Turner. We stayed at Phoenix West this year. It is a new place that we had never stayed before. We will be back again! It was a perfect place for families with young children to stay.

John Turner loved the zero entry pool. He could walk in all by himself and just play and play. It also had a waterfall that he spent many hours playing in.

Another attraction that made this condo fabulous was this awesome slide! I couldn't tell you how many times John Turner and Carlton went down this thing! I made it down with him once and that was it for me! HAHA! That thing was super curvy and super fast! As soon as they hit the water John Turner would be out of the pool climbing those stairs again saying, "more slide, please."

The beach was absolutely gorgeous this year. I was expecting the total opposite after all of the oil. John Turner liked the beach better than last year, but he still didn't want to stay there for long periods of time. After he dug in the sand a while, splashed in the water, and touched the waves with Carlton he would say "all done, pool now." That was just fine with me because I would much rather be in the pool than in the sand!

Another thing that our condo had was a lazy river. John Turner would say he was floating the "crazy river." This was where Mommy stayed while John Turner and Daddy had nap time!

One of our favorite things about going to the beach is deciding where we want to eat each night. We still enjoy that. But now we choose places to eat based on how kid-friendly they are rather than the best food.

The Hang Out is a great place to take children. This was our first time to eat here. John Turner enjoyed climbing the big sand mountain. The food and atmosphere is also good there. It is all open to the outdoors and located right on the water so you can feel the ocean breeze on you while you eat.

The Crab Trap is a place we usually eat at each year while we are at the beach. They have an awesome playground for children to play on while they wait on their food to arrive. They are also known for giving children buckets and a shovel to take home. John Turner was very entertained by the bucket and the playground!

Lulu's is without a doubt one of our favorite places to eat at the beach. It is very kid and adult friendly. They have lots of cool sandy places for kids to play. The music and food are always great there too!

And then there's Scoops, the ice cream shop. I have been enjoying ice cream from Scoops since I was a little girl. John Turner seemed to really enjoy it too! He wanted blue ice cream. He enjoyed it so much that he ate it straight out of the bowl with his mouth! Silly boy!!

My parents came down on Wednesday and stayed with us for the rest of our trip. Carlton and I got to have a date night while they were there. We got to eat at our favorite place, Louisiana Lagniappe! It was so yummy!

Our idea of a beach vacation has changed quite a lot over the past two years. But it is now even more fun and more memorable than before. I have so many fun memories of family beach vacations each summer growing up. I am so thankful that John Turner is going to have those memories too!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Birthday Surprise!

John Turner's birthday party was on September 11th. For those of you who know me well, you know that is my actual birthday. I had been so busy planning and worrying about John Turner's party that I hadn't really given much thought to my own birthday. (That's what happens when you have a child only two days after your own birthday!) Needless to say, I was exhausted after his party. All I wanted to do was relax and watch some Bama football!

Well, Carlton tells me that our friends, Erin and Chad had invited us to their house to watch the game and that his mom was going to keep John Turner since it was a night game. After a lot of begging from him, I gave in and went with him. Thanks goodness I did...

These sweet friends of mine were all there waiting to surprise me for my birthday!

They made this such a special night for me! They had a boa and tiara for their "princess" of a friend! They had my favorite, a strawberry birthday cake, which was heavenly! We ate a lot, laughed a lot, and cheered for the Tide a lot!

They also had me some great gifts to open. My sweet husband surprised me with a special gift while we were there. This picture truly doesn't do this diamond necklace justice! It is stunning in person! That husband of mine is always full of sweet surprises!! Not only did I get this necklace, but I also got the Dyson vacuum cleaner I have been wanting as well!

I truly feel so fortunate to have such amazing friends who care enough about me to make me feel special on birthday! I love each and every one of them dearly!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choo! Choo! I'm Two!!

It is hard to believe that it has been two years since this sweet little boy entered our lives! The best and most exciting two years of our lives no doubt! We celebrated with a big "choo-choo" party! John Turner loves trains so we thought it would be a perfect theme for his 2nd birthday.

Our Family- September 2010

We were able to rent a train for his birthday party. He and his friends got to take train rides throughout his party. It was so much fun! Even some of the adults enjoyed riding the train too:-)The party was decorated in primary colors. I used trains with balloons tied to them as centerpieces and they turned out really cute! At the kids tables I placed a conductor's hat and train whistle for each seat. The children seemed to enjoy them! They were able to take these home with them from the party.

John Turner is fortunate to have some very special friends and family! They made his birthday so special! We appreciate each and every one of them!

Here are some scences from the train rides. This was so much fun for everyone!

After riding on the train for a while, we decided it was time for cake and ice cream! Mrs. Carol Fanning created another masterpiece for John Turner. She is truly amazing! John Turner was in awe when he saw this train cake! He enjoyed everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him and he continued to sing it to himself the rest of the day. He also did a great job at blowing out his candles.

From these pictures you can tell that the cake was not only beautiful but also very delicious!

Then we decided it was time to open presents. John Turner wasn't as into this as I had hoped he would be. He just kept asking for more cake and more juice! HAHA!! He did get some AMAZING gifts!

Carlton and I had already given him his special gift from us the day before his party. He got his very own train table. He LOVES this thing! I mean he plays with it all of the time! He wakes up saying "play choo-choo".

We left for the beach the day after his party. Anyone who talked to him at the pool or on the beach would have to hear about his party! He told everyone about his choo-choo cake! I will be back to post more about our beach trip soon!

Happy 2nd Birthday, John Turner! We love you very much!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

College Football Has Arrived!

There is nothing like waking up to the sounds of ESPN's College Game Day on the TV, feeling the cooler football weather when you step outside, or being in Tuscaloosa on game day! This is our favorite time of the year! We decided that we wanted John Turner to have the experience of being in Bryant Denney during a Bama game. He talks about going to "Big Al's house" all of the time. Since they were playing San Diego State, we figured this would be a perfect time to take him.

He was very excited when we arrived and he saw all of the people and the big stadium. He says Big Al's house is a big tower! HAHA! We took him to the pep rally and he enjoyed hearing the band and watching the dancers and the cheerleaders.

After the pep rally, he got to meet Big Al and have his picture taken with him. He was excited beyond words!

He also got some attention from some of the cute Bama cheerleaders. I don't know who was more excited about that--John Turner or Daddy:-)

We were unsure of how he was going to do once we got into the stadium and in our seats. He did remarkably well! He ate some Dippin Dots, cheered, ate some cookies, flirted with some college girls behind us, ate some cotton candy, and cheered some more!

We stayed until halftime and then decided to head back towards the car. Before we left he got to go down on the sideline and see Big Al one last time to tell him bye!

What wonderful memories our family made today! I have a feeling John Turner will be spending many Saturdays in Bryant Denney with us cheering on the Tide!