Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was wonderful at our house! This was the first year where John Turner actually wrote his own Christmas list and had specific things he wanted! He specifically asked for a Polar Express train for around the Christmas tree, walkie talkies, a pogo stick, a large nutcracker that really cracks nuts(his main wish for this year), a sno cone maker, a trampoline, and a cash register. Judson asked for one thing; a school bus!!  He also got a Mickey Mouse blanket that he loves! He also got some new building blocks, books, and puzzles. His favorite gift came in his stocking and that was his Pete the Cat doll!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

We started off Christmas Eve by having Gran, Grandpa, Grandottie, Uncle Christ, Aunt Haha, Carly and Brooks over for brunch.

After naps, we headed to Meme and Pop's house. Santa Clause made a special appearance while we were there!

We have counted down on our Christmas countdown calendar my sweet friend Meredith bought for the boys. We were excited to finally put he 1 day until Christmas on our calendar!

We finally got home that night and got our cookies and milk out for Santa, threw out some reindeer food on the lawn and said goodbye to Elvin.

Monday, December 16, 2013

December Catch-up Time

This is a big update on all of the little things I want to remember about the month of December.
One night I went in to check on John Turner before I went to bed. I found him sound asleep in his night vision goggles! I love this kid!
Judson like to pretend to be a pirate often!

Celebrating the last games of the season! Unfortunately, it wasn't a good ending!

December wasn't all happiness over here! Our beloved fish, Mr. Grouper died! We were all heartbroken. John Turner wish was for his daddy to take him to a big lake and let him go in it. This is the picture of our final goodbyes.

Our family elf, Elvin came back to visit. He brought some cool new elf PJ's and a  new book!

Sweet little Judson had a pajama day at school.  Isn't he precious?

And his sweet little hands made us this for Christmas. It is a treasure!

During December John Turner and I got to have one of our favorite dates! We went to the Daily Grind for beignets!

And John Turner's sweet little hands made this treasure!

We met up with Gran and our cousins for the annual cookie baking and decorating day!

John Turner sang a few Christmas songs at church with his choir.

We decorated a gingerbread house. Actually, the boys just sat and ate most of the candy!

This baby is getting so big!

John Turner begged me to wrap him up like a Christmas gift and unwrap him!

We made a cinnamon roll Christmas tree for dinner!

Polar Express movie night!

And the biggest news of all in December is that this little one is potty trained! WOO HOO!! He seriously just did it all on his own! LOVE THIS BABY!