Monday, December 27, 2010

The Watt Family of Three

...will soon be a family of four

And we just couldn't keep it a secret anymore!!

Carlton left for a hunting trip in South Dakota two weeks ago. I had an idea that I might be pregnant. So, I took a test the night after he left. Well, it was positive! I had to wait until he got home to tell him and it just about killed me! John Turner surprised Daddy when he got home by wearing this Big Brother shirt! Carlton and I are beyond excited about this new addition to our family! We told our families on Christmas day! It was the best Christmas gift ever! We are due sometime in August. It is still very early in the pregnancy. I will be going to the Dr. in January. I am feeling fine as of today. I feel a little nauseous at times and a little tired. Not sure if the tiredness is from being pregnant or from chasing John Turner around!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cookies with Gran

My mom has made homemade Christmas cookies with me and my sister each year for as long as I can remember! We don't really get to participate much anymore:-) It is all about John Turner and Carly these days! I am so glad that John Turner gets to make these precious Christmas memories with my mom!

John Turner had the best time making them this year! Last year he didn't really want to participate in the process! These year he was all up in it!! He loved picking out just the right cookie cutter.

Carly and John Turner learned how to work together to roll out the cookie dough.

Gran always lets you lick the extra icing! YUM!

They both did an excellent job decorating their cookies with the icing. John Turner decided his Christmas tree should be red!

And of course, no cookies is complete without the sprinkles!!

I think they tasted good! John Turner ate a ton of these things!

These two precious cousins do love each other very much! Even if they usually fight over everything! HAHA!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We took John Turner to visit Santa this past week. He was very excited to see him! He has been walking up to him and saying "Hey there, Santa" every time we have been in the mall this month! I still wasn't sure if he would actually sit in his lap. Well, he did. He told him he wanted candy, suckers and playdough for Christmas! HAHA!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Polar Express

Last Saturday night we hopped aboard the Polar Express and headed to the North Pole! The Ishees, Hatchers and Millers also boarded the train with us. We all waited outside under a tent for our train to arrive.

The train arrived and the conductor came to our tent and greeted us and told us we were to board on the Dome Car. He said our next stop would be the North Pole! The conductor then punched our tickets and we finally boarded The Polar Express! Since we had a large group, they seated us all together in a traincar by ourselves. It was nice to have all of us alone in one car!

John Turner chose the perfect seats for us as soon as we boarded the train. When the train began to move, his eyes were glued out of this window looking for the North Pole. A voice came over a speaker and began reading the story of The Polar Express to us. John Turner followed along in his book as the story was told.

After the story was read, the speaker told us, in a very excited voice, to look out of the train's window because we had made it to the North Pole! We could see Santa's workshop out of the window. We could also see Mr. and Mrs. Claus waving to us from outside of our train. John Turner was extremely excited at this point! The train stopped and some of Santa's elves came aboard bringing us a bell just like the one in the story. Then Santa and Mrs. Claus came into our car. John Turner wasn't so sure what to think of that! Santa even autographed his book!

Next, a waiter brought us some chocolate milk and some of Mrs. Claus' homemade cookies! This was John Turner's favorite part! He also recieved a Christmas mouse and an ornament for his tree.

We sang Christmas carols and danced as we made our way back home from the North Pole!

And what can I say--the adults had just as much fun as the kiddos! Friends always make experiences like this one even better!

We all plan to board The Polar Express next year and head back to the North Pole again!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Angel Tree

I think that John Turner says the word "mine" about 2,687 times a day! HAHA!! I know that self-centered and selfish behavior are typical for a two year old. I know in time it will get better.

Well, We decided to take John Turner on a little outing to learn a lesson on giving to others who need help this Christmas. We headed to the mall and adopted an "angel" off of the Salvation Army's Angel Tree.

We adopted a little boy that is two years old just like John Turner. The sweet baby wanted a Big Wheel and a learning toy. He also needed clothes, pajamas and shoes. We were able to complete his entire Christmas list!

We then headed back to the mall to drop off the gifts. John Turner enjoyed the whole process. He very generously gave the gifts to the lady at the drop off location!

We plan on making this a tradition for our family each year at Christmas. John Turner has so much and we want him to always know that other children are not as fortunate as him. We want him to have a heart for giving to others.

I had to use my phone for pics because that is all I had with me. Sorry for the bad quality!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Aunt Holly gave John Turner a very cool tunnel for his birthday back in September. Well, just recently this tunnel has become his new favorite place to be! John Turner LOVES this thing! He get inside and rolls over and over again. He just laughs and laughs. He also likes to put his "friends" inside and roll them around. I am sure that Barney and Elmo feel sick most of the time because they are rolled so much:-) He also has decided that snack time should be held inside the tunnel!

Now, this tunnel is a lot of fun during the day. But when Daddy comes home from work, it takes on a whole new meaning of FUN! John Turner's only rule is that Daddy has to be on the red end and he has to be on the blue end:-)

They will literally roll for hours in this thing!

This picture just makes me smile! What a fun Daddy!

John Turner screams "chase me, chase me" and "I'll get you" the whole time they are playing!

I love these two crazy, wild boys! They are my heart!