Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! It is always nice to have a day to sit and think about all of the things for which you are thankful! These two turkeys are our biggest blessings! We enjoyed not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners in one day! The boys are so lucky because they still have many of their great grandparents around to share these special holidays with.

John Turner's Thanksgiving Program

John Turner's age group at preschool was in charge of presenting the Thanksgiving program this year. He was chosen to be a Pilgrim! He was a very cute Pilgrim too! They sang several songs and were just the cutest group of Pilgrims and Indians I have ever seen! He, once again, surprised me with how much of a little performer he is on a stage! Gran and I also got to stay and have Thanksgiving lunch at school with him. It was a very fun day for us!



Judson- 15 months

I cannot believe that this sweet baby has already passed the 15 month mark! What in the world! He is truly the sweetest and most loving little thing I have ever seen! Here are a few pictures and a few things I want to remember about him at this age:

  • weighs around 21 lbs
  • wears a size 4 diaper
  • wears 12-18 month clothes
  • he's got Dada's big head! Measures off of the chart!
  • sleeps from around 8:00 until around 7:30 next morning
  • naps from around 1:00-3:00
  • LOVES his babies! He carries at least one around with him all of the time and just hugs and kisses it! Right now, his favorite is Llama, Llama. Big brother has one and we ended up having to go and  buy Judson one also.
  • A really good eater! He will eat way more than his brother ever did at this age--favorites are mac n cheese, ham, chicken, oranges, yogurt, squeezy fruits/veggies, pastas, breads, bananas, cereals, cereal bars, pop tarts, pizza, carrots...
  • he is very good with his fork and spoon- prefers to eat things with a fork rather than his hands
  • LOVES milk
  • will eat an entire bag of yogurt melts at one time!
  • has 9 teeth-- just got our first molar in and boy was it a doozy! Made this sweet thing miserable for a week or so!
  • loves to stick out his tongue at us! (learned from big brother!!)
  • shakes his head no if he doesn't want to do something we say
  • climber!!!!!! and very brave!-has lots of bruises to prove it!
  • will just run up and give you the biggest hugs and kisses ever!
  • will read books for hours and hours
  • says a lot of different words- Momma, Dada, brother, cat, duck, bed, sock, book, snack, bite...many other I can't think of right now
  • wants to just walk around outside and explore all day long
  • loves to try to drive brother's Gator around!
  • like to be chased
  • starting to like Mickey Mouse, Barney and Elmo
  • will hardly let you get a picture of him anymore
  • Loves music and will clap and dance to any music he hears!
  • adores his big brother even though his big brother isn't always very nice to him!
  • starting to be so funny and silly- love this personality coming out!
  • he is so easy to take places- I seriously will take him any where with me! He is always so good!
  • likes for Dada to ride him around on the buggy

Saturday, November 3, 2012


This was the most fun Halloween I have ever had! John Turner is at the BEST age to celebrate Halloween. He told me a long time ago that he wanted to be a fireman for Halloween. I searched and finally found the perfect fireman costume for him. Since Judson has no say in what he will be yet, we made him a little Dalmatian fire dog! They were both absolutely perfect and precious in their costumes!
Our celebrating started on the day before Halloween. We dressed up and went downtown to the Candy Crawl Fall Festival. We had such a good time. This is the best picture I got before we left. Judson wasn't feeling his costume at this point!
The cutest little fire chief you could ever find! 
After we got to the Candy Crawl, Judson warmed up to his costume and they both had a fabulous time! I don't think I could have picked more perfect costumes! I just loved them both in these!!
On Halloween morning, John Turner got dressed up again, and headed to school for trick or treating and a big Halloween party. Judson and I headed to a Halloween party at Kindermusik.

John Turner decided that he wanted to go on a hayride for Halloween night. Being the fabulous father that he is, Carlton set up a fun hayride for him! All of our family came over and we had a fabulous night full of fun and candy! 

Donuts and Doodling

John Turner's school hosted their annual Donuts and Doodling Art Show a couple of weeks ago. He was more excited about his art show than he has been about most things in his life! Seriously, he couldn't wait until we got to come see his artwork! It also helped that donuts, one of his most favorite foods, was being served there!

Daddy even surprised us all and got off work for a little while and came to see the art show!

I just love this big boy and how he gets so excited over things such as this. He is the cutest thing! 
And of course, Gran and Brother came to see it all as well!

Here are a few of his beautiful pieces of art! I must say that I really was impressed with what he had done. It is amazing the difference a year makes. He has really progressed as an artist this year. His self-portrait is probably my favorite piece of art ever!! I also love the house he built out of Popsicle sticks. The teacher gave them sticks and told them to build their house. His is so great! And I love that they host this event around Halloween every year because there is always a bunch of fun Halloween and fall artwork as well!